Horde Fleeing Herod?

Herod is dominated by Horde, no reason to leave.

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Doesn’t surprise me, to be honest.

Horde got so used to 10v1 Warmode that they probably fear a balanced server.


How can you even tell? You can’t actually log into the game yet.

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Ya, it’s a rumor you made up little soyboi


Hopefully herod isn’t 70/30 in horde favor on launch. Think of the BG queues later on.

This would be the reason why anyone is leaving Herod, I’d wager.


That’s where it’s heading.

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Might roll alliance now just for the BG queues :roll_eyes:

Last time Vallahad was in a dungeon/raid was MOP lol… You talk big for someone who has barely experienced the game LOL!

Please don’t :frowning:

That’s actually a really good reason TO leave. Faction imbalance.

Crossrealm BGs are gonna be a thing so, I don’t think it’ll really be a huge issue. WPVP on the other hand…

I think it will be around 60/40 Horde. And the BG’s will be cross realm queues, already confirmed by Blizzard.

Do we know if all servers in the same pool or just battlegroups

How does that have anything to do with classic? Seems you haven’t used your brain since childhood LOL!

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Nobody fears the alliance with a battle cry like “Not in the face!”.

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They only suggest people leave from Herod because they know its the most populated server. I dont care so much about faction imbalance as I do playing in a ghost world. I prefer 10 min que logins over a dead server any day.

That I’m unsure of. All I know is in an interview they confirmed phase 3 cross-realm battlegrounds.

Classic hasn’t even started so chillax… I was egging on the OP, you his lover or something?? and btw… FOR THE HORDE!!!

He makes me cookies. What of it?

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