Horde Earthfury NA social gaming discord

Hi! 3point6 is a community driven discord. We are not a guild we are a social gaming discord for wow horde earth fury. We are NA and always play during the day and night. Right now, it is just a few of us but we want to build up a community that can do dungeons, questing and all types of pvp together. Maybe in the future we make a guild but for now only requirements are being active, able to use discord with a mic, speaking English as your first language and over the age of 18+. We joke around a lot and have a nsfw channel if that offends anyone this is not the discord for you. Majority of us are mid to late 30’s with kids and full-time career jobs that come first. Hit the link and come chat with us. No need to join any special guild just a place to chill, relax and have fun while grinding in WoW.

hit me up at: shadz#2477

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ah, where do i sign up to join your racist discord?


logged in just to like