Horde (Dunemaul) LF Raid/Mythic+ Guild


I am looking to getting back into Raiding and Mythic+. Its been a while and I am really missing it. I am EST and if you look me up, this Guild is a parking lot and only consists of all my toons :slight_smile: I have at my disposal! What I am looking for is an adult Guild who really enjoy playing together. My battle tag is Chillor#1132

I have raided since Vanilla Tank, Heals and DPS. My times are very flexible.


I am not sure how server groups work with Guilds that are raiding and running mythic+. Perhaps a “community” may be a better way to go. Anyone have any input I would appreciate it?


I don’t believe a blizzard community does much, but you can raid with guilds cross server, just just won’t get the benefits of being in a guild, such as guild repairs and free gems and enchants.

That being said, our guild on Area52 is recruiting, if that’s something you are still interested Consequencer! We raid Thursdays 8-11PM and Fridays 9PM-12AM EST/Server time. We hit AOTC every tier, and I would classify our guild as a semi-casual raiding guild, focusing primarily on enjoying the content instead of always pushing too hard into progression. If you are interested, please feel free to get in contact with me! My discord is Proxymaster#8607 and btag is Proxymaster#1872. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!