[Horde] <Debauchery Tea Party> Kromcrush Classic is recruiting!

:eight_pointed_black_star: Debauchery Tea Party :eight_pointed_black_star: The new late night raid guild is recruiting for our 10+25man raid teams, 11pm - 1am Server Time Raids. Looking to recruit for a fun & semi-hardcore raid environment. 11/11 Kara | 2/2 Gruuls Raid Leadership! Looking to fill up Kara + 25man team comp !

Raid Schedule:
Tues+Wed 11pm - 1am Server Time (EST)

Searching for:
Tanks - Prot Warr, Prot Paladin, Bear Druid
Melee - Arms Warr, Enhance Shamans, Ret Paladin
Ranged - Boomkin, Mages, Warlocks, Ele Shamans, Shadow Priests, Hunters
Healers - Resto Shamans, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, Holy Priests

Loot System:
MS > OS with Fair Open Loot Council
Loot Sheet is open for guildies to view whenever !

Message me on Discord garigan_nw - Best way to get in contact !!
Or online in game at Garigan, Nerzhül or Herbalore

Message other officers online in game Fearbucker or Grizadams

Still looking for healers? I have a holy priest and am looking for a late night group.

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Hey the guild will be continuing on Whitemane server <3