@Horde - AV Backdoor

Have fun in your new non premade games!

Your point?

Just trying to help you get wins bro. It’s never gonna be fixed. You might as well use it.

How many paladins does it take to bubble on the backdoor to get blizzard to adjust it?

It’s really not as prevalent as you think.

Yes. We’ve been using it.

Also, there’s a much easier spot to do it.

Lol I can just see 40 people in an AV all doing that, and gettin it first try. How many games have been won cause of this? This is cute.

Very hard to just stand at the top of that ledge and pick horde off. Comparing it to pally bubble is laughable.

Also, I have no problem if blizz fixes this. Exploits should be fixed, regardless of which faction benefits from it.

Also exploiting, but not that useful.

Don’t you get shot up by the archers at the other spot though?

Not if you have stealth. And you want to backdoor with a few people anyways.

Oh but AV premades is an “Exploit and total justified the change” Yet something that 's blatantly an exploit as this is fine.

Do you not see how totally hypocritical this all is.

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Is this one the jump right next to the tower? I didn’t think you could make it while in stealth. Or do you just walk up?

No. No I don’t. I never called for AV changes. You seem to have me confused with other Horde.

There’s a backdoor behind the waterfall by the cave into the Horde base as well. It actually is really smooth to use, not a skill jump.

Archers dont hit you, they are facing the other way.

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You can make it up while stealthed. And also you don’t have to stealth until you get up there. You’re LoSing the archers when you first get up.

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Bruh, the bunker corner jump is faster if you can take a couple arrows.

Ya’ll got one in the keep too or would you like me to post it too?


Does it require the 100% mount? I haven’t tried it.

People that do this even play the game? Horde can get up much closer with a mount, way more faster near the tower… like please, play the game and post less about it.