Horde - a way to fight the alliance drek solo pull

While Ive had a fair amount of wins against premades now there are still too many horde who fret about honor and think the response needs to be kill ball and some LTs before drek dies.

Every once in a while we play the old scorched earth strat but usually the team splits leaving the defense too weak to hold off a full alliance raid.

however its even worse than that. They dont run and die in the field of strife because alliance dont dismount most of the time. They just run to bal and try to cap SHB and IWB and we lose everytime before either of those cap. Sometimes we get lts

Translation: It benefits me so it’s fine.

Or stop a Zerg with mages in dreks room. Horde pugs I’m in almost always stop the Zerg while 10-15 head north and cap

Wait there is a down vote??? If I would have known that I would have done it to save people from the irritating noise in the video…And horde not know what?..in the video it fails and the alliance still win.