[Horde] 5/6 (KJ 17%) Fri/Sat Night 8pm Est - Symbiotic (Mankrik) -LF Holy Priest Core Spot!

l 25-Man | 5/6 (SWP) | Friday/Saturday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST l Semi-Hardcore l Loot Council

About us:
Symbiotic is a guild composed of gamers who have been playing together since 2007; formed in retail Warcraft during the original Burning Crusade on the server of Eonar the Guild’s Original name was Ascension. Our Guild has many achievements over its lifetime including such kills as 3D Sarth; Algalon, Heroic Deathwing Heroic Garrosh (US 100 at the time); Mythic N’Zoth, Mythic Sire and many more.

Players must know the encounters ahead of time going into the new raids.
We are looking for raid members who will be active and have a great attitude. We are a tight knit community who have been together for over a decade.
For raids you are expected to maintain consistent attendance; if you’re unable to raid you must post out in advance.
You must also keep your gear enchanted; must bring your own consumables to raid (Flask & or Elixirs; Food; Potions etc).
Raid performance will be periodically reviewed; we expect our members to play their characters to their full potential whenever possible. You must also be flexible and have a team attitude. You may be asked to play a specific spec for the benefit of the raid (we will work with you if it is not your preference, but progression comes as a priority).

Recruitment Needs: Holy Priest! (Core Spot!), must be SWP ready and know all encounters.

Contact US:
Battle Net: Zugor#1902; Seitus#1669;
Discord: Zugor#0190; Seitus#1431;