Hoping someone has an answer

Been experiencing disconnects for months. I have read hundreds of forum post trying to come to a resolution to my current issue. I continuously disconnect from world of warcraft every 1hour - 1hour and 30 min. I do not disconnect from any other games, I don’t disconnect from discord. I don’t disconnect from any other programs other than WOW. When I disconnect I can still cast spells, I can bubble myself, cast renews, I can read chat, I can make items, but I personally can not respond in chat and then within 10-15 seconds I disconnect from the server. How is it possible my character is able to complete task and I can read chats but I can’t type. This is not a typical lag out where everything freezes and you can’t do anything.

I’ve updated my bios, I’ve updated my router, I’ve updated my drivers, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed world of warcraft, I’ve disabled all of my addons to see if the problem continues and it does, I’ve flushed my DNS, I’ve basically done every trouble shooting possible that blues and the community has suggested. It’s making the experience in this game frustrating because I DC during boss fights and arenas…I’m lost on what needs to happen next. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a new fix I don’t know about? Any blues can help?

It’s possible your router is tripping DoS spam protection and blocking packets because it thinks it’s being flooded.

For instance, here’s the setting on my TP Link router

Might be something to look into. Most modern routers have some kind of settings involving this.

You could also check for the IP lease time on your router/modem. Sometimes these are set to a low value by an update from the ISP by accident.

I have DoS Protection disabled on my router.

My Lease timer is set to 24, also as long as I am active on the network it should renew my lease either way. Any more ideas?

24 hours *****

I’ve done this multiple times in the past and nothing shows up in the form of disconnects which is why this is getting frustrating. I am not sure what to do next, I have made sure anything and everything is updated. I’ve run WOW without addons. I’ve re-installed world of warcraft twice.

I am still trying to understand how while playing, I can still cast “Not lagging”, but can’t type and see messages and then disconnect moments later? Why would I be able to still play the game just not message people and then disconnect? You would think if I am going to disconnect because of a internet drop I would be lagging out completely.

I recommend capturing a disconnect with a WinMTR so you can see where it’s happening specifically (home network vs route to server). And if nothing shows up in the test, then we’d be looking at a software issue.

Just to test…
Let battle.net stay active. Eather set it to go to the quick menu or just down to the bar on Windows.
I have a second account running just battle.net; for my friends chat, so I have it open.

One other thing. Do you have parental controls set to 1.5hrs?

Hey there,

Just to chime in on why some aspects of the game remain functional while others stop working entirely. This would be due to WoW maintaining multiple connections to different services while you’re logged in, referred to Home and World connections. Home and World latency are displayed separate in-game, and we have a bit more info on them here.

It sounds like one of the connections is being broken (probably the World connection), while the other remains intact.

What’s the make/model of your networking equipment there?