Hope y’all didn’t want that Sylvanas bow…

There’s a blue post up now explaining that it will NOT be on the Fated vendor for S4.

Rogues will be able to buy their daggers tho…

They stated they were going to increase the drop chance. And add an item to upgrade it to 285 if you already had it. And it would be able to be upgraded further with the dropped upgrade items from fated raids.

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  • It still doesn’t drop in LFR (dagger does)
  • Even if they double the drop rate, it’s still only 0.2%.

I guess they are trying to maintain the “status” of having it, but why not do the same thing with the dagger?

Not trying to be rude but there is no “status” to having anything thats RNG based… oh hey you go lucky, grats, lol


Because the bow is the only weapon that’s legendary, one might argue that Jaithys or the dagger are just as valuable but they will always make something that’s ‘legendary’ harder to get (aside from fake legendaries of course like the legion ones)

It’s my understanding that it isn’t legendary in S4, just epic like everything else. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

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Good thing I got back when it was relevant and left it in my bank


I never got one and likely never will have one. gg blizz!

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I really wish i could feel some kind of way about this not being on a vendor and not being a drop in lfr but i really don’t see the problem.

Next you’ll say getting Thori’dal three expansions after BC wasn’t a praiseworthy achievement

Sad thing is If you did get lucky and get it. That version is seemingly UN-up-gradable according to the way its written.

it needs to be a season 4 Fated drop to be up-gradable , For every 20 bosses you kill in a Fated difficulty, you will be able to upgrade a FATED raid item to the next level by combining 20 level equivalent {Heroic/Mythic} Ancient Cypher’s into a Sacred Creation Impetus.

where do you buy the item to upgrade the bow to 285?


As I’ve understood it, Scarizard(one if the devs for S4) said that if you’re “broke”, meaning, as long as you don’t have any currency/coin that you can use to get the upgrade item(s), the vendor that sells it/them won’t talk to you.

Haven’t looked into it myself, so i can’t confirm…

The base currency {Ancient Cypher} This is obtained Via a guaranteed drop from Killing Individual Fated Raid Bosses.
There are separate ones given for Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty. 20 of a singular grade are combined to create A Sacred Creation Impetus that item will raise the Item level to its next rank. I believe the Creation Catalyst in ZM is involved ?
“IE” a Mythic Sacred Creation Impetus will raise an Heroic Fated item to Mythic quality


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Well that’s a good thing. Bein as otherwise my M+ weapon drop luck is quite abysmal been using an 265 XY Captains X bow for last couple months.

So if I am reading it correctly a Purchasable upgrade item { Dinar or ? Currency} will be available to upgrade My Season 2 Her Rae’Shelare to a Normal Fated level {285} Its too bad the Cyphers wouldnt be an option as well as we over half way thru Her Fated CN

Or wait and hope to hell the upgrade item drops from Fated Sylvanas at the supposed increased drop rate. Could still be rare as hens teeth as it and the upgrade item are not on the Vault loot table

Mine is in the bank too. At this point i dont care that it was the normal drop. I did try for the heroic one but no luck.