Hop Over to the Trading Post for April!

Ensemble Trappers Munitions seems way too expensive considering only one class in the game will really have any reason to care about it. Seems like the price is jacked up just because you get both options, but really the quiver is probably the only one most people will care about.

Gilded Drakonid Morningstar doesn’t strike me as so much more impressive than the Fist of Polar Fury that it should be 450. I would easily call this one way overpriced.

I can’t be the only one that thinks the Corrupted Runelord Regalia looks awful and in no way worth 750.

The mount should definitely be the freebie for finishing the journal this month, and the swords should be something relatively cheap, like the fist is. I’m a huge Night Elf fan, and even I don’t find them very impressive.

I think the only thing I actually care about is that axe, but I have no idea what I’m going to mog it with, so hopefully at least I’ll have enough to get the mount (that we should already be getting for completion) and either the pet I have frozen from before or Egbob.

Really starting to think we need ways to keep earning tokens in-game to actually potentially be able to afford everything we want, especially if things are going to keep being so overpriced.


There’s a toggle for that at the bottom of the window; check it to hide everything, uncheck to leave your gear on.


I still have stuff on layaway from 2 months ago, I just can’t get enough tenders. Its not like I want everything from the trading post. I only want the stuff I like.


As in, for future months? Or that you’re going to make a change to April’s reward and players should avoid using their tenders until that happens?


No brainer tbh.

For future. We’re always watching and evaluating so we can make adjustments if we think they are warranted.


I find it ridiculous to give everyone two swords, the mass award needs to be useable by all, plenty of people will not use the two swords. For anyone who may think of commenting “waa waa crying about free content” the trading post is like a battle pass considering we already pay for a sub


agree monthly reward should have been the mount.


It should be a set of weapons with the same aesthethic: a mace, 1h sword, staff… Etc to cover each kind of class


Feedback from the last two months informed this month’s reward? That might be difficult for some players to accept :grin:


Or just come up with a way to directly “mog” your Felguard’s weapon, since it would make more sense than keeping a weapon in your bags for it to use.

On that note, the various glyphs that change the appearances of Warlock pets to other types of demons should be something you learn once and can change at will after that, like Druids got added to the Barber Shop.


I’m looking at the list of activities and it seems rather shorter than last month.



Underwhelming, but at least I can buy the mace i put on hold finally.

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They could’ve probably picked a different race/sex to model it. :dracthyr_crylaugh: I wonder how they do that, anyways, come to a decision as to which model will show off each piece of gear, like if it’s random or they try to rotate through them or if it’s just whichever is the most thematically appropriate.

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As an RPer this is cruel! I NEED some of these items for potential character situations for my various (I have every class) characters and yet there is nowhere enough tenders to get all the transmog looks I want. To get even the most wanted ones I’d only have about 50 left which isn’t enough for the mount which I also want because pink/purplish-pink things are rare. :\

We need like a bonus amount every 2 months or something that we actually can make choices with. Because how can I call myself an RPer who RPs nobility and other fancy types and not have the evening gloves? And how can I call myself someone with several hunters played as variations on the ranger concept and not have the quiver and ammo pack?!

I guess I’ll forgo the quiver and ammo pack as I think I saw other color variations to be released in future and to be fair I only have one ranger who might fit with the reddish color scheme here (though good job on making it kind of earthy). So I guess it’ll be the mount and evening gloves for me.

Blizzard really should make the monthly completion reward something like a mount though or cosmetic ensemble, something BIG that most classes can use.


I don’t get how a CM main a priest or Devs main other classes that can’t use a weapon like this 1hand sword and don’t consider this issue…it should be like the first step of implementing a reward that targets the whole player base…Ion already said in multiple interviews that there’s X amount of type of player, so not everyone use an alt…I can’t think how this make it to live server while the previous 2 rewards where things for any player not matter class, race, faction.


Looking forward to that Fist Weapon, will be great for monks/shamans xmogs.

Apart from that, probably the weakest set of rewards so far. Those 1-handed swords look very average at best

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Kinda glad I fell out of love with mount collecting in SL (Over 600 mounts on my EU account right now). That serpent really ain’t worth the cost.

Overall pretty meh month but that’s fine. Just means I can save up for a good one. Pity those swords are only one handed… maybe give fury warrior the ability to mog one handers over two handers when using titan’s grip? Or buff single minded fury to be viable? Otherwise pretty much a dead reward for me personally.

Son I am disappoint

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