Hop Over to the Trading Post for April!

You’ll be able to try it on at the trading post.


Yeah. But a lot of gloves flat out overwrite the corsage. Looking right now I have no gloves I’ve seen that actually allow the corsage to show. Even very small ones.


I dont recall, does it let you preview weapons sheathed?

Oh wow. One handed swords as reward? that will look so great on my ranged hunter. i mean… i will get to use them as ammunition and shoot them out of my bow / gun right bliizard?


A pair of swords seem pretty lack luster compared to the full armor transmog we got last month.

  1. I normally have it set to open in a new tab. I don’t see where this was missed in the main article. (Found it… I’ve fixed it in the forum post. Of note, these don’t default to opening a new tab as a part of the system.)

  2. We’re watching feedback. I have priest main, but likely could use these on an alt.


Is this my cue to shill for the ZG tiger being added?


I don’t know, I like the variety. They said it won’t be the same type every month. I spose if it were hard to fill the bar I’d feel differently? Not sure.

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Hey look, they used more than just human models! Excellent change.


Perhaps having an option to select more tender instead of the monthly reward if you don’t like it or can’t use it. Similar to the great vault.


So why not put the thing everyone can use for example that mount as the main monthly completion reward, and just buy the items only specific specs can use on that spec instead?

When I see rewards like these swords I won’t even be able to use on my main it doesn’t inspire me to want to complete it like the prior months did with a mount and transmog all of my characters could use.


I have lots of alts as well, but the ones that can use this, I do not play often, and I only worry about mogs on my main 3-5 toons. I would agree that the monthly reward should be universal. Unless there will be more than 1000 tokens a month instead.


I didn’t save my currency =(

So wild seeing people complain about free stuff that you get for minimal effort.

Especially the person I saw on the EU post complaining about frequency (wanting refreshes sooner) and at the same time complaining about the quality. Like, you want better quality or better quantity? Cause generally you don’t get both.

While unlikely I’ll use the swords (you never know!) I’m still very much thankful for them and the trading post as a whole. Thank you Blizzard!


yeah I don’t mind blades to be in the trading post, but please don’t make it the monthly reward, or at least change it so that every class can somehow transmog it.

Even though it may be usable on an alt, it feels bad to have the monthly reward not usable on the character that I play majority of the time.


How am I ever going to afford the battle pet and the mount? I only get like 1000 of these tenders a month.


Monthly reward def should be the mount, not the swords.
I only want 3 things from that list and it’s mount pet and quiver and that is 2k which is crazy, either let us keep grinding the tenders past the monthly cap and be able to finish all the tasks in our little journal or reduce the prices please :pleading_face:


Oh, a pith helmet. :dracthyr_love_animated: This is going to look so spiffy on my Vulpera.

I’d prefer if they were as unconstrained as possible when it comes to figuring out what the monthly reward will be.


Buy one, reserve the other, and wait until next month.

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When you try things on, isn’t every other equipped item invisible?