Honour buff pog



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Screenshot or didnt happen

nvm pog

nvm 40% LOL


Yeah I think they missed a 0 and forgot to remove honor cap.


Great change in my opinion.

Thank you Blizzard!

Isn’t the existing spoils buff for honor 25%? So it’s only an extra 15%?

Yeah I was thinking this too. if you look at the spell on wow head it’s already 25%. I just wasn’t sure if it was ever implemented.

It was, I noticed it asap on 9.1.5 release and noticed the extra conq and honor with wins, always wondered if it had to do with the bg event but it’s still around to this day. And I saw almost no one talking about it lmao, but yeah then only an extra 15%… nice

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I think they’re adding 40% to the pre existing 25, making it a 65% honor buff