Honor Your Legacy with New Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage Armor

So we’re not fixing the spines I guess.

Question, if I get Darnasses Exalted, get Nelf Heritage, can i faction-change to forsaken and still get Heritage by completing their quest and have exalted with Undercity?

Ohh no… I didn’t even play my undead character in Shadowlands. So i will have to do the whole campaign. And likely some of the Torghast stuff too.

Well i suppose it shouldn’t take too long on a max level decently geared Warlock. Thanks for the heads up!


ok dumb question can i race change and get the new heritage armor or does that only apply to allied races?


Okay… Am I going crazy, I can’t find this quest at the Embassy…

Thank you for this clarification! Shameful they didn’t make that clear in the post. I’m doing laps around SW looking for the N Elf quest…

The bones are not exposed on the Forsaken. Hmmm… is this an option now?


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thanks for the free stuff blizz! can’t wait for my new set! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

i hope you guys also add that set from the original Vanilla Cinematic too!! the armor the Druid is wearing!

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where is our glorious dark ladies tabard and symbol?? oh so yall gonna just throw away one of the most loved character to put in calia ok thats understandable… not bring our dark lady BACK WE LOVE HER!!!

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Aye we getting upright undead or nah? ANSWER US BLIZZARD


A Gene Simmons impersonation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The forsaken set is very different. Not calling it good or bad

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I think its beyond shameful that the nightelves do not have any brown flesh tone colors…I had really hoped that Blizz would correct this in light of everything in the past year or so but sadly this seems to have gone ignored by this developer. I guess we just should be happy to get a Mike Tyson facial tattoo.

You gotta be lvl 60, your in leveling range.

the forsaken one is amazingly good. the only issue is the purple is too bright to me.
but other than that they did a really good job with it its actually better than the night elves (not the original ver but this one) i dont really care for the nelves that much, the color isnt the best and i liked the og one more.

For her to even show up? Yikes!

I’m leveling in SL, so it shouldn’t take long. Thanks for the info. :dracthyr_uwu:

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The Forsaken Heritage armor looks rather off compared to the Warfront Armors, which matches them far better. It is unfortunate that the canon color is locked away due PVP ratings (in other words, you don’t get the supposed colorization within the story) but it is what it is.