Honor system FUBAR

What’s going on with honor system. Having random resets and not getting credit for HK’s/honor. I have over 1k HK’s this week so far and it is only showing 352 for the week. I had more than that Tuesday night. Anyone else having this issue?

Got the same problem on my mage. I think its actually a problem with honorspy addon. Are you using it?

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I have read that its being fixed by the next reset, I’m going to try to dig up the link, blizz problem btw, not honor spy.

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post 171/185 posted 3 hours ago

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No I do not run any addons atm for pvp.

Heya Oldman,

You and I have targeted one another a time or two. I do truly feel bad about the faction imbalance on our server. I get a kick out of folks complaining in general that your turtling. Often I scratch my head and ask them what the hell they would do if they were out numbered 4-1. Many of them would just quit. So cudos to you diehard folks that come back day after day. I tip my hat to you.

I ranked up but it still is not working right. When I went to bed last night I looked at the honor tab. I had 1.5k Hk’s and 29k + Honor for the week. This morning I opened the honor tab and I was given credit for a little over 900 HK’s and a little over 19k honor. So where did the other 600 HK’s and 10k honor go? When I quit last night I even typed out in guild chat my HK’s and Honor for the week as I said GN to folks.

On the other hand I have a guildy that barely PVPed last week because he played an alt all week get rank 5. Have other guildy’s that did not even PVP last week get credit for HK’s and Honor. This honor system issue is getting quite discouraging.

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hey Anwyle!

Hopefully I run across you in AV or WSG…although its just not the same as the good ol Hillsbrad days. To be honest I miss that craziness. AV is PVE, and WSG is small scale. I would love a 40vs40 BG in a hillsbrad based arena, with no objectives and time limited. Most kills wins. If only!

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