Honor resets / pvp titles go out too slow its 2020

its 2020 there’s no reason we should have to wait as long as we do for honor to reset for the week and titles, this is unreal blizzard took years to come out with classic acting like they were fine tuneing things and it takes forever for honor and titles to go out every week.

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what’s the hurry?

I pay $15 dollars a month for this game we shouldn’t have to wait with their glitchy and slow honor / title resets. they allegedly worked on this classic client for years.

Theory – you’re the same low-watt bulb who posted this thread:



Nope. Glad to see multiple people are annoyed by this though. not sure why you are defending something that clearly shouldn’t be a problem in 2020… this really shouldn’t be a thing blizzard is a billion dollar company.

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I’m watching multiple players log in and out next to the armor vendor waiting for their ranks to update XD

Just wait longer before looking. It’s not a big deal. I must have logged in and out 10 times while even trying to be patient when I got to rank 14, it’s still not a big deal.

There are like a hundred fixes that are more important than this.

listen… this is a billion dollar company theres no reason that this can’t be fixed now for the players this annoys thousands of players worldwide every week. if you think thats okay then get off my thread.

Maybe the algorithm will calculate faster if Bobby K. receives another (ten) million in compensation.

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I just don’t think it’s a big deal and there are other more important fixes needed. You can’t control who posts on your thread.

ive been telling everyone, this game is a minimal effort cash grab sub booster and thats all they see it as, let go of any notion that blizzard actually cares to give you a good experience.


are you saying you’d like to speak to the manager?

Yep this is just to tide people over til shadowlands. Their hope (a false hope maybe) is that people will go back to where they make their real money once the content of classic dries up.

Then, in a year or two, during the next retail content drought, they will replace TBC classic servers to tide people over once again until Rise of the Panda King comes out