Honor grind is a massive slog

The rate at which you can acquire pre-raid gear in heroic 5 mans and honor gear, which both serve the same purpose as being the ideal gear before the true endgame (Raids and Arena) is night and day.

I have only ran enough heroics to cap my Valor Points for the week since hitting 85 and have 6 pieces of gear between drops and spending justice points. The whole process took maybe 4~ hours, and that’s with DPS queue times of 10-15min. On the other hand, I spent 4 hours tonight queueing BGs and doing one Tol Barad and have ONE piece to show for it, and its just the CC removal trinket because I re-rolled at the end of Wrath. Practically no character progression for 4 hours of work.

Granted, I’m playing horde and we kind of suck at battlegrounds. My win/loss isn’t pretty, “skill issue” I know. Even so, in a world where you’re winning most of your games you acquire PvP gear drastically slower than you do dungeon/justice gear.

Honor gain could use some love, especially considering that the Bloodthirsty gear is going to be worn a lot longer than most of our 5 man / justice loot, which makes having it mandatory to have a shot at all in the arena for the first 2~ months of the season because of how the conquest cap works.

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They need to think before they zug zug. I have whitemane horde too. Sometimes there is a plan. And even rarer, some even follow it.

I would’ve skipped the cata pvp trinket and grabbed the one from outlands HFP and got me a real piece of gear instead.

Definitely in the top 2 factions.


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I did one WG, won it and completed the quests.

2,500 honor.


The plan is always zug zug, zug zug is life win or lose


I named my Hunter Zuggcore. :heart:

I can’t wait for blizzard to change absolutely nothing about honor gains, but will probably nerf any fun pvp imbalance in cata making pvp even more dead than it already is. But they’re the multi dollar company so, i should be thankful to my overlords.

I saved 100 wintergasp commendations and got full bloodthirsty except for 1 trinket the moment I hit 85. No thoughts on honor gain, just rubbing it in. GL out there guys

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We’re working on a hotfix for this. We’re going to double Honor rewards from completing a random battleground or a holiday battleground.


What about a hotfix to add the honor vendor back? :slight_smile: Especially because the bug only affects conquest?


Its so easy, dont change it


So people who exploited get to keep everything?

2000 honor wintergrasps incoming fr?

I guess WG isn’t random or holiday

noone cares about this tbh the honor gains are fine anyone can easily get every slot honor within a few days or rotating WG and TB. the real issue rn is yalls lack of professionalism. i get it, ppl exploiting conq/conq vendor. but WHY on earth would you remove the honor vendor and STILL not have it back up and running 4+ hours later? i legit unsub’d and refuse to play. il happily take my money back to riot gaming, where the devs actually reply and have proper input. until yall fix simplistic issues i wont be subbed.

more than likely. ppl did this on tbc-classic s1 and wrath-classic s5 launch. its absolutely insane that after 20 years and multiple iterations that the devs STILL mess up the SAME issues over and over again. meanwhile a pserv dev that gets paid 2 cents an hour can implement and fix things 100 times quicker. crazy crazy crazy

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That just needs the rides fixed. It’s gimme honor for defense. And offense can go damn they worked it out. Stone wall defence and attackers don’t even get all towers.

I also would like to know why I’ve gotten offense “randomly” 1 out of 12 times as first sign up on the top of the hour. I’d be that dude who is taking to the wg npc last minute till I see queue option.

Any update on the honor vendor?

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The honor vendor is gone, I genuinely cannot play the game. I am honor capped, I am missing 5 pieces of gear, so no point in queueing arena. The 4,000 honor cap is a joke

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the real honor slog is waiting for the vendors to become visible again