Honor and Celebrate Your Elders during Lunar Festival!

Having touble finding the timewalking npc in tristfal. Need her to get into old UC and she doesnt seem to be where the article described. Anyone run into this? Stuck on this part for achieve.

Did you not get the memo? lol

They’re updating holidays, starting this year. It’s covered in the updated timeline.

Where’s your snark now?

I believe it when I see the “revamp” until then the snark stays

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Too many ACTUAL things to be angry and edgy about in this game, instead of picking things they actually addressed as upcoming changes.

But… keep up the good fight!

Whatever you say sweet cheeks

This seems racist coming from a Pandaren named Panwokfry.

I don’t know a wok is the ideal thing to fry in honestly…

I did the quest Lunar Preservation. I then did the follow up quests that reward the different color crowns. I don’t need to do anything else for the all year crown transmog do I? I looked them up on wowhead and it said I need to buy the crowns but when I click the NPC it says I already collected the appearance.

I would like to double check before the event ends ty :>