Honeyback Harvester & 100 Exalted Reputations

Upon reaching Exalted with the new faction “Honeyback Harvester” I was not awarded credit towards the achievement “100 Exalted Reputations”

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Perhaps this is one reputation that does not award credit towards the 100 exalted reputations. There is a few, like the fishing in legion.

2 reps for the Bee mount one is a friendship style rep requiring feeding jelly to the maggot and the second one is the normal Neutral to Exalted rep.

If it is an Exalted Rep, then it should count.
Those that don’t count are Friendship Reps like Best Friend ect. Otherwise everyone would have thanks to Pandaria


I agree. I would be nice if Blizzard would say if this is intended or not.

Raised Honeyback Harvester from neutral to exalted today and not count to achiev 100 reps, im 99/100 now :sob:
I hope Blizz fix it ASAP

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I am also at 99/100. Any confirmation of this being intended or not would be nice. I initially created a ticket and the GM did not know the answer which prompted this thread.