Honestly it might just be time to give up on Classic completely

With the holiday weekend coming up those wait times are going to sky rocket very hard. I myself as much as I want to play it will just wait no matter how long it is for the servers to calm down before I do so.

Yeah in a few weeks I’m sorry, but how would you like it if you anticipated playing a game, and then when you went to play it it told you, “I’m sorry you can’t play this for a few weeks.” Also, what happens when AQ starts? This same thing will happen again and it will cause some people to get the things they want and others to just sit there and go, “Well this sucks.” Which will alienate more players. I’m sorry, but saying, “Give it a few weeks.” is a pathetic excuse. that is like saying to someone with a broken leg, “Oh just walk it off”.

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For the long term health of this, this HAS to be how it’s done. Just because you want to play “right now” is irrelevant in the long scheme of things.


You’re entitled because you feel that unrelated things about you mean you deserve special treatment.

That’s literally what the word means.


Go up top left. Click on forums.
Then go the tab that says BLIZZ TRACKER.
There you find, commincation about what they are doing to address Q sizes.


How many new servers have been released? With another non Vanilla change to appease the zealots. Who don’t seem to mind changes now. They’re praising the cap increase. The same people were posting a few weeks ago about ques>layering. Lol.
Get off the forums and find a server. Do something with your wow life!

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I’m just sitting here thinking it’s cool that you can have a classic avatar on this forum.

You’re definitely rambling because at no point do you specify what your issue is. Your argument is that people should just quit WoW until Blizzard listens and things get better.

But… like… what things?


What does your military service in a foreign power have to do with anything?

Do Americans just say this when they want to earn points with their fellow MAGATs?

I’ve been able to log in every day, at all hours, without queue. Pick a better server. Plan better.

You’d think servicemen would learn how to strategize and plan effectively.


Please do. Less queue time for me.

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Agreed, its been 3 days. Classic is toast! Everybody knows vanilla was made overnight. 3 days is 3 overnights! Time to call it.

Drama Drama Drama
You’re a WoW vet?
Then you and others crying like you knew what could happen and should have planned for it. Hell people were warned and still they piled into the servers and refusing to leave.

You are either a Troll or an idiot.

theres like zero que on alot of the servers

The queue times are a result of the stress test, the servers can hold more people than whats in the queue, the queue is there to prevent the servers from crashing, something that hast not happened yet, at most the world server has gone down. It hasn’t even been a week, classic is doing great right now as is apparent with how many people are stuck in queues.

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Nobody cares that you served in the military lmao, way to sneak that in there you entitled little brat.

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I will never understand the hardcore blizzard apologists who think blizzard can do no wrong.

Being bummed out that there’s difficulty getting into a game at launch due to high demand is now synonymous with being told not to seek medical treatment for a broken bone? What a great analogy. So dramatic.

Nor can I understand those who think that those dealing with the bumps in the road means that they think a corporation can do no wrong.


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So because you have played the game for 15 years AND served in the military you believe you specifically deserve special treatment above and beyond what everyone else recieves.

Hmm. Interesting.

Players aren’t entitled for wanted to play the game they paid for.


GD Blizzard White Knights are worse than leftist SJWs, actually I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same.

Since Mondays launch the only thing related to server issues (as in issues, not announcing new servers or explaining what low pop is), is this from earlier today

Originally Posted by Blizzard
With hotfixes that we are currently deploying to all WoW Classic realms, we are substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing. We expect this to result in smaller queues for realms that have large queues, and some realms should no longer have queues at all.

We will closely monitor performance and stability throughout this process.

Thank you very much.

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