Honestly, how are we on PTR

Since we now know the release date for 9.1 im curious what the overall impression is from those who have tested it.
Are we significantly improved to get out of the bottom third in any capacity?
Can someone post the TLDR summary maybe?
Ive read the notes, but i see a lot of other classes that were above us also getting help so, is it enough to make a difference?

You found out the release date for parch 9.1? Where?

They announced it this morning, June 29th, a week from Tue.

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From what I gather from my own time on PTR, posts from others, and reactions from friends.

Marks scales well in 9.1 and will likely move up a few spots on the ratings with a couple pieces of the new higher item level gear. Nothing drastic, but an acceptable climb. However, getting the coveted Sylvanas bow will likely push them back into the top 5.

Survival is getting enough buffs to move it up to about the middle of the pack, but they still haven’t addressed the clunkiness of the spec. They are just brute forcing them up within a still busted spec.

BM is still garbage. The few minor changes they’ve made don’t really help the Hunter. The answer to BM’s problems seems to be to kill the final boss in the raid and hope to hell you get the legendary bow. At that point, you might climb out of the very bottom of the ladder.

Overall, I think Blizzard wants Marks to be the main spec, Survival to not be as embarrassing to the developers, and they want to kill BM with fire.


Thank you this is the kind of info I was looking for.

I hate that our success seems tied to that bow as it sets us up for a large drop once they introduce other class legendries.

I mainly run MM for any group content, without pet unless it needed… and BM for questing. I enjoy SV a lot i just find BM easier for such tedious content and am generally not a huge melee fan.

Thanks for the reply.

Fight design in SoD does not favor our strenghts so I have no reason to be as optimistic as Cognition is. Padding might look good on a few fights, but there is no fight where adds have anywhere the level of relevance they did on Stone Legion Generals. They’re at the level of Inerva adds at best: you didn’t bring someone to take care of them specifically. Our lacking single target will hurt us greatly.

Wailing Arrow is about as strong as half an Explosive Shot, so there’s no reason to believe it will be a game changer with an expected 2-3% of our output. We are much further behind than that. It certainly won’t put us in top 5. And our scaling is closer to somewhere around the middle of all specs.

Limit and Echo have already hinted pretty strongly that their traditional hunters will be playing something else and that they are unlikely to bring any.


Fair points, but the contention seems to be on whether Marks will scale as well with gear as some expect. If the theorycrafters are correct, Marks should scale to an acceptable position overall and top 5 with the bow.

However, scaling seems to be what everyone is focusing on for Hunters, because our toolkit was largely ignored. If other classes scale as well (or better) than Marks, then you are absolutely correct and Hunters will still be trash.

facepalm ffs

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You’re 1/10M and haven’t completed above a 15, so not sure you exactly have the authority to supply high-end dps ranking opinions to be posting about it on the forums. Just because you logged into the PTR, which everyone can do, doesn’t suddenly make you a savant. “Reactions from friends”? Cool. Reactions from friends and a quarter will buy you a phone call.

You need to be listening to others, not trying to teach people. Also why are you gemming vers? lol wtf. is this a pvp build? I sure hope not with Bottled Flayedwing Toxin and IQD as opposed to pvp trinkets. This is like that void elf that was posting yesterday asking why she was doing less dmg than her lower ilvl warrior and she had fkn flayedwing toxin and shadowgrasp totem.

Ah, you’re one of those… Folks that think you have to do things exactly your way for their opinion to matter. The vast majority of players aren’t pushing mythic raiding or high keys, so your opinions on the matter only apply to small minority of players. What exactly is the point of just trolling the forums to sh*t on other players? Does it make you tingle down there?

Who the frick is gemming versatility? You making up crap to make yourself feel better or just bad at looking at the armory?


You’re literally wearing a ring that’s gemmed vers on your armory…

Not sure where you’re seeing this. When I check the armory, it shows both rings gemmed haste.

Why does everything around here have to devolved into a measuring contest over armories and ratings as if any of that means anything in the age of it can all be bought?
Is a civil discussion really so hard without this childishness? Sheesh guys come on.


This. A reason I tend to stay OFF the forums. Also @Cog, yes both of your rings have haste. But in their “haste” to criticize players, people do not understand the Armory do not update on a dime and will show things you may have been wearing from before.

I literally do my WC in pvp gear, because I am always in War mode. I am on the same PvP server, back when that was a thing, since day one. Mannoroth. I have zero clue what the Armory may show me wearing but then again I give 2 F*ks about what people say to me on a game forum. I stay away so not to get banned for telling people I give 2 Fcks.

Ofc there comes the clueless white knight along. It might have been the case that he used this for pvp. It might have been the case that he did WQs or maybe he just likes to play with Vers for some reason. However, logs still exist (a fact that many charlatans like to forget) which show that he used this very ring socketed with vers in dungeons and raid. This in itself still isnt a bad thing. But when this fact was mentioned to him, he didnt own up to it or tried to explain himself, instead he tried to serve us an obvious lie due to his insecurity.

Now that it has been established that he cant even be trusted over something so trivial and insignificant as a socket in his ring, why should anyone take his word on the state of hunter in 9.1? He cant even stay true in such a simple case, why bother with anything he says? He just defeated himself for no gain.

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It’s kinda cute you went and regemmed.

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When everyone was saying hunters were going to be awful in Ny’alotha, the numbers were there for us. BM had extremely high stat scaling thanks to Dance of Death. Our lowest stat was worth more than the highest of a vast majority of specs. And our highest was worth twice as much. So there was cause to be optimistic.

MM’s scaling right now is very much somewhere in the middle. And we’re also starting much further behind. BM in EP was in the upper half, and the fight design there was poor for it. Ny’alotha’s was more forgiving. We’re now going in the opposite direction where CN fight design was actually good for MM and SoD is not looking good with spread damage being more prevalent. There is absolutely no reason to be optimistic this time around.


Whatever helps you sleep at night. The versatility you saw was an enchant - not a gem. It’s on the one ring I share between pvp and pve sets. I’m assuming you took a screenshot when you looked, right? Please, by all means, share it.


I shelved my hunter (main) months ago because of the state of the class. I have no plans to play him or retail again until they are fixed.