Holy suddenly better in m+?

Feel way more equiped to handle M+ suddenly… did something change? also seeing some top end priests lots running holy as well…

Two words; Flash Concentration. It’s good, like insanely good.

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Holy’s been on top for keys since late 9.0 when people started realizing Flash Concentration was good, actually.

That said, I expect next week Disc will be back strong in M+ with access to the kyrian leggo. Boon is insanely good for atonement/damage, and you should be able to get max reduction in a M+ environment.

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Yeah i specifically went kyrian for this… It may be good for holy as well? (plan on playing both - just crafted flash concentration)

Holy has been good since M+ started and people were just sleeping on it until they figured it out mid-season. As of right now there’s 50% more Holy Priests timing keys than Disc and I’m not expecting that to change much this season.

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Yeah, I’m really liking holy right now… the only thing I don’t like about the spec is I find myself having to drink a lot… which I never had to do on my hpal or rsham… lol

DPS from holy isn’t as bad as people say either i feel. granted… hpal DPS is still dumb.

My DPS is up a lot now with that bottle anima power. Was doing 2k overall dps some dungeons.

Really? That thing seemed way worse than the haste buff to me. But I was also playing in a guild carry group so our fights were way longer and I had to heal more.

Even standing in melee it just never seemed to do that much damage. Wheras the haste buff made my SW:P go nuts.

You have to be standing near the mobs because it’s radius isn’t that big. It does about 1500 dmg to each target and it pulses almost constantly. Gets pretty memes when you use Dreamweaver haste bonus + heroism. It’s like #2 of my dmg.

o m g doing my first SL SoD raid healing with the heal spec… crushing it

i hope Flash Concentration never gets nerfed… this is how priests should be played :slight_smile: ++++ holy wow

Once you get enough versatility to not get one shot by mechanics, its pretty good.

The tanking in this season is rediculous too. I’m having to heal about half as much as I did last season.

as far as i could tell holy has always been better in pugs or non pro mythics.

It’s def the best spec for pugging.

But Hpal and Rsham are miles ahead.

We’re week 1 in season and Holy is twice as popular than Disc for all keys completed. 15s and higher Holy is 56% more popular. I’m wondering if this trend is going to stay like this all season.

Probably not until Disc gets the new covenant legendary and mik last trait.
When that happen there will be a lot of content creators spamming that build (And it will actually be quite good tbh) and a lot of people is going to turn back to disc.

The number 1 ranked priest healer in the world right now does his keys in Disc. Once you get the first mana anima power, disc has the throughput of Holy, with the added utility, since you no longer have to worry about mana.