<Holy Ramen Empire> Tues/Thursday 7-9 CST mythic recruiting

Holy Rãmen Empire is an Alliance guild on the server Moon Guard, looking for like minded players to come join our core raiding team. We are 8/8 heroic and 2/8 mythic looking to fill the remaining spots in our team as we continue pushing.

Needs: Havoc Demon Hunter + ranged dps (lock/shadow priest/dev evoker preferred)

Raid schedule:
Tuesday and Thursdays from 7pm till 9pm CST(5pm-7pm PST).

Besides raiding we are also active in:

  • Mythic +, we have people pushing keys up to +23/valor farming
  • Pvp (whenever comp stomp is available)
  • Alts and running older content/mog runs
    *Friendly and active Discord

Contact me at on Discord: discord at: Wammo#5411