Holy Priest Talent Tree- Fae Guardians

I see a bunch of spec talent trees getting options of sometimes multiple legendary and covenant affects. I love how strong holy conduits are and we see those show up as talents but without flash concentration I think we’re going to feel weak next patch. I suggest reworking art for far gurdians into something more Naaru like and making it a permanent talent. I feel like FG isn’t so OP like Kyrian but still gives us something to make us strong. Otherwise I’m worried holy may fall off again. (Personally I like disc more anyways but it’s nice to have two viable options). How would you rework Fae guardians to be more holy priest like for a long term addition?

Yeah, we’re really going to be hurting in the single target healing department next patch. I’ve been trying to get some practice in with Harmonius Apparatus right now, but the lack of strong single healing is extremely noticeable.

I don’t think Mending talents and Renew talents would be able to make up for it as they’re far too uncontrolled. The only hope is potentially the improved surge of light for free flash heals, but even then those don’t heal a single target as hard as current Flash Concentration Heal.

Fae Guardians would at least give us a single target damage reduction which would easily make up for that lack of single target healing. They’re still reviewing talent trees so hopefully we get something done here.

Agreed. We’ll likely be lower throughput and mana starved a bit. Fae guardians brings the big single target mitigation plus mana regen not to mention the cd reduction on hymn. It rounds out the spec in raid and gives us something to bring to M+. I’m worried holy might really fall off there. Mythic plus is only king rn because flash concentration for healing and kyrian for OP damage. Right now neither of those is in the talent tree so it seems like holy wouldn’t have a spot especially when other healers are looking great for m+. If it stays how it is now I’m expecting holy to fall back to F tier for mythic plus and middle of the pack for raids.

um… no… you get shadowfiend as holy if you want it

Fae guardians makes up 52% mana in a 6 minute fight.

Mindgames and Mindbender makes up about 52% mana in a 6 minute fight.

Add that to getting enlightenment and the cosmic ripple mana regen and Holy is going to be rolling in mana.

That said I still want Fae Guardians/Fermata. I think it’s WAY better than people think right now largely because people are obsessed with personal DPS. But Fae Guardians was a really interesting CD to play with.