Holy Priest only

(Racarra) #1

So i have been noticing a trend in the raiding community and that trend is 3-4 holy priest and pally. as a druid i am getting turned down to raids and guilds because no one wants a druid anymore. same goes for disc priest shammies and some MWs i have talked to. Can we fix the game a bit so that all the healers can play and not just the pallies and holy priests plz blizzard.

(Leafblight) #2

No real raid guild wants 4 of the same healer. Each healer has their own strengths and weaknesses and having to many of any one healer means their cooldowns and abilities will line up and they will end up sniping each other’s heals.

You have a fairly healthy raid history (5 mythic kills last tier) but your parses this week weren’t very good. (2 Greys) If there is a way to see Uldir parses that would help but i don’t think you can. Gear isn’t enough anymore. Any old fool can farm the free gear you get, especially as Alliance.

(Racarra) #3

well i just changed my UI (didnt evui existed) so i became allot better as for those greys i ended up having internet issues due to snow. but no the line up for the group i was part of was 3 holy priest and 2 holy pallies. it was retarded sometimes he brought a MW but that was for 1 fight.

(Leafblight) #4

No offense, but these are all excuses that a prospective raiding guild is never going to see. They’ll take a quick look at your parses, see a grey on the very first fight in the raid on NORMAL, and then move on.

Can you really blame them for that?

(Racarra) #5

saying this was happening before the new raid yes. it been this way all xpac.

(Leafblight) #6

Again, i can’t see your Uldir parses. If they’re as bad as what i CAN see, then i can understand why no one wants you in a serious raiding guild. There are plenty of more casual guilds out there, you may have to server XFER to find one though.

(Karenthi) #7

Looks like Resto Druids are getting buffed on Tuesday.

Sorry, dunno why the link came out wonky.

  • Druid
    • Restoration
    • Efflorescence healing increased by 25%.
    • Effect of Mastery: Harmony reduced by 6%.

(Hizami) #8


The guild on my main pretty much has one or so of each healer. The 3 main healers(me being one) main: Druid and Monk.

A lot of us have alts or play a second spec via our main. so we can flex when needed.

(Zootzoot) #9

Where are you getting the Data to support this trend because that’s not my experience at all?

(Jessail) #10

I’m surprised a resto druid would be getting turned down, certain fights like Opulence have phases that lend themselves to the HOTs style of healing that a resto druid does. While Renew is useful, ditto prayer of mending they are easily subbed for a resto druid in my opinion. That said my disc priest was struggling badly on some fights recently due to the in-ability to DOT everything.