Holy priest looking for guild

250 Holy priest looking to find an active guild who needs a ballin healer for their raid team.
Ksm, Aotc, Was working on CE 4/10 before my guild became inactive.
Im looking for a permanent raid spot, wanting to raid 2-3 x a week
The guild must be active running other content as well as I like to run keys daily.
Guild must be female friendly.

Good evening / morning Blodreina (sorry about lack of special characters),

My name is Cylon, and I represent the Easily Distracted raid team on Illidan, part of the Currently Online guild. I saw your post (obviously), and would like to talk to you about a position on out raid 10/10H AOTC raid team on fri-sat nights from 8-11 CST.

In addition to our raid night, many members of our team, and the other teams in the guild, will run keys on a nightly basis, ands are always looking for more people to run.

And to your final point, out guild / team / community is very female friendly.

Feel free to hit me up on discord (Cylon the Excommunicated#5768) and check out our community’s discord (https://discord.gg/CurrentlyOnline).

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.