Holy Priest Issues to look into for 10.2.5

Just cataloging a list of issues currently plaguing Holy Priest players in 10.2

Beating the Dead-Horse

  • 8 PoM talents and most of them are mandatory.
  • Endtree talents are still dead weight. Only 3 options to choose from instead of 5 that most classes get now.
  • Too many 2-point sinks at the bottom of the Holy Tree.
  • 4-piece bonus feels bad that it doesn’t reset your Holy Words because you have to sit there and keep casting until you reset your Holy Words to use it. It should at least give you a free charge.
  • Same issue with Epiphany talent literally resetting 2s before PoM resets. It should give an extra stack of PoM.


  • Our hps performance is below par even after the recent 4% + tier set bonus update. The main culprit is because we were overnerfed in 10.2 with nearly a -10% decrease in overall hps. Can you please nerf us AFTER the data shows because you did this in the beta as well with slamming out huge nerfs on Holy then you spend months buffing us up.
  • Resetting Holy Word Salvation feels like it takes way too much work and effort now. There’s a lot of gaps on Mythic where you have 10-15s of nothing to heal and if you’re not casting Holy Words you aren’t resetting your cd. Either increase the CDR on Holy Words from 15s to 20s a cast or just make it a flat 4.5 minute reset.
  • Rapid Recovery + Renew + 2-piece feels like too much of a wombo combo. My Renew healing is beating my Echo of Light on a lot of fights.
  • Echo of Light still giga overheals even with the changes.


  • Mana is the #1 issue with Holy at the moment in keys. It’s jarring the difference between Disc and Holy because when I play Disc I get a Shadowfiend every 30-45s and I’m just rolling in near infinite mana. I can go into boss fights at 30% mana on Disc and be fine, but I can go on boss fights as Holy at 100% mana, and be near oom at the end.
  • Reduce the mana cost of Flash Heal from 3.6% to 3.0% and it’ll help alleviate the mana problems.
  • Holy has no easy way to spread SWP around like Disc. Throes of Pain is a huge hassle to keep up on Holy because you need to manually tab SWP everything before it dies. On Disc you just cast Penance and it’ll keep refreshing Purge the Wicked on 3-5 mobs for free.
  • Holy’s M+ damage keeps falling behind. The recent +15% buff to Burning Vehemence helps, but there’s still a 10-15k gap between Disc and Holy.
  • Divine Hymn sucks compared to Ultimate Penitence. UP bursts out over 1 million healing to the entire group while giving me a 50% absorb shield safety bubble to eat mechanics. Divine Hymn does 1/2 the healing of UP and even if you take in account the healing bonus its still not enough. DH needs to do x3 or x4 its healing in a non-raid to compete. Also, let us be able to cast DH while moving.
  • Symbol of Hope is garbage in 5 mans. The main perk with Symbol of Hope was that you could reset 1 minute tank defensives, but now you can’t even do that. 30s off of peoples defensives doesn’t do anything at all. You need to revert Symbol of Hope back to giving 60s back off of defensives in 5 mans.
  • Holy needs more ondemand spot healing abilities. On Disc every 30-45s I can bust out my Shadowfiend which gives +35% increased damage/healing and essence devourer prints out huge amounts of group hps. On Holy you just have a 2 minute Apotheosis and Answered Prayers. It would be nice if Apotheosis was on a shorter cd and/or you could take Divine Word/Lightwell as non end-tree talents.
  • Holy’s end tree talents are still trash. Lightweaver/Lightwell are useless, Divine Word is worse than Divine Image, and nobody takes Restitution for PvE content.
  • Holy is lacking in utility compared to Disc. On Disc I have 2 pain sups and barrier which I can rotate to cover mechanics, but on Holy I just have GS, a lousy Symbol of Hope, and a dream.

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