Holy Priest Ganking


What is that little angel thing floating around you at 0:53?

Bondable Val’kyr Diadem, a toy that’s pretty easy to get in bastion. I have it macroed to fort so its usually always floating there.

It’s so cute :3 I’m gonna get it.

The ending with your death was as hard to watch as Tom Holland’s Spiderman dying in endgame where he tells Tony he doesn’t feel very good… You didn’t deserve that :’(

Very nice. Its like another Eye of the Storm mid, one of my favorite places. Denying that Monks escape into the dungeon was awesome.

I love doing this. It’s especially fun to do it on DHs and listen to them whine.

Pop and Elixir of Tongues, then you really get to hear what people think of you! :smiley:

If they ever give you lip, just remember The Hunt exists and throw them off again, lol.

This reminds me of being bored in vanilla and mind controlling people off zeplins while shadow melded. Other favorite activity was mind controlling flagged horde players at the cross roads which made all the guards automatically charge and kill them.