Holy priest damage nerfs in upcoming Nov 15th patch

Of all the things to nerf between now and the full expansion, the devs priortized a 10% damage nerf across the board for holy priests.

Lucky for me I learned plenty from my history of playing WoW. My gut instinct kept telling me not to get excited for all the damage potential holy priests had with the new talents because it would not last beyond the first few weeks of the expansion. And I was right!

I was so tempted to play as a holy priest but decided not to once the devs removed shadow mend.

But seriously, why the 10% nerf? Holy is already the least mobile caster. Are they being compensated with more mobility or more defense to make up for this damage nerf? Were holy priests rocking the solo shuffle?

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Since you’re clearly in the FOTM mindset, why don’t you consider Rdruid?


If u want damage as a healer just play Evoker.

2 buttons = big damage

Not even remotely in a FOTM mindset.

When the new talent system was first released, I was planning to try a dps holy priest in solo shuffle. I thought the extra dps from holy might be good enough to take down an enemy quicker. It probably would not have worked, but it looked fun and was worth an honest try. But with the removal of shadow mend and the upcoming nerfs to holy dps, what’s the point of trying that now?

Maybe the nerf was necessary. I didn’t see anyone complaining about holy priest damage in the forums. Can anyone out there playing with those holy priest dps talents be honest enough to come out and say they were overperforming and needed the dps nerfs? Because from the looks of it, this seems like an overreaction. Holy priests sacrificed mobility for the extra dps as a healer. What are they bringing to solo shuffle now? Why put yourself in danger of being locked out of healing just so you can cast those newly nerfed dps spells?

Anyway, this was just vindication in my choice to go shadow because I honestly knew this was coming. I just didn’t expect it to happen before the launch of the expansion.

Nobody complaining doesn’t mean people aren’t watching.

Holy was overperforming for raid dps, but that mainly had to do with Empyreal Blaze.

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Okay, I think I made sense out of it.

Holy priest dps wasn’t an issue. But in order to compensate for the substantial nerfs to other dps in the upcoming patch, the devs had to also nerf holy damage.

Otherwise holy might be pulling in a higher percentage of overall dps than planned. I don’t agree with it, but I can see why they did it.

Anyway, they probably did me a favor. Now I don’t have to bother trying to get gear for two specs.

I agree. Now I don’t feel the need to spec into holy dps increases. I can go deeper into healing heavy talents, woop!