Holy Power, is anyone for it?

I tried to make a poll, but you apparently can’t use the poll coding. :confused:

  • For Holy Power on All
  • For Holy Power on Only Holy
  • For Holy Power on Only Retribution
  • For Holy Power on Only Protection
  • For Holy Power on Some Specs, Not All
  • Against Holy Power Completely

I’m interested in hearing anyone who is for Holy Power, because I strongly disagree with it, and it seems like everyone else is too; however, that could just be the vocal minority. Let’s hear it!


I really liked Holy Paladin in MOP (with Eternal Flame) and that one had Holy Power so I’m not against it. That Holy Avenger version was really fun too.

I think I just like having stuff to manage/track and optimize other than just using my abilities on cooldown. Glimmer is fun too for this very reason (and the fast-paced playstile).

I think the problem with Holy Power came after where we were getting just flooded with it and the spenders felt underwhelming because of it (like hard-casted Word of Glory).

Edit: In general I don’t think Holy Power is necesairly a good or a bad thing by itself, it all depends on how the spec plays, the rate at which you generate it and if you have good ways to spend it.

I enjoyed holy power in cata, so long and we have something meaningful to spend it on

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I like it, especially since they have taken steps to make judgment and crusaders strike good and there is more focus these days on DPSing as a healer for progression, especially in pvp and M+. If WoG stays instant and impactful I’ll be very pleased.

100% in favour of holy power for all specs. Much more excited about hpal in shadow lands now that I was before I heard this


I never liked it for any spec. Just give me spells with cooldowns and mana costs. I don’t need the added complexity of holy power.


I can’t say I’d prefer holy power over seals, as a basic idea i’d like crusader strike to hit hard again, divine storm go back to it’s old animation, hit harder and not have to be spammed, and have seals add effects to all of our abilities rather than just judgement.


Holy power is better than the vanilla seal and judgements, but its not like they cant reinvent the debuffs and utility it brought. take judgement for example, it currently buffs the holy dmg of the next spender, and holy has had an active/passive function of devotion aura.

Getting a bit bold there buddy. If you make mana relevant to damage dealing (for any class really) the general discussion casuals are going to throw a fit because they suck so hard at proper resource management.


This is the worst decision since the last time they made it and people quit playing their Holy Paladins en masse


Holy Power needs to go away and never come back.

If they want a baseline system to model all 3 specs after they need to be looking at Protection Paladin with Crusader’s Judgment and Righteous Protector.

2 charges of Judgment.
Reduces the cd of TV / DS by 2 secs, 4 secs with crits.

3 shared charges of Templar’s Verdict / Divine Storm.
Reduces cast time and increase healing of FoL by 33%.
Reduces cd of Avenging Wrath by 3 seconds.

Crusader Strike. Filler, no cd.

1 charge of Blade of Wrath.

Art of War - When you Crusader Strike or Flash of Light you have a 20% chance for the cooldown on Blade of Wrath to be reset and gain a charge of Judgment.


I like it just fine for Ret, I’m not sure about Prot and Holy though, when Prot had it, it wasn’t that bad, but didn’t really play Holy.

I like Ret now better than Wrath, Wrath was braindead and if it was to happen today our spec would be a meme, FACEROLL?!?! I just wish they would give us one more builder that hit decently, or buff CS and lower the CD vastly.

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I don’t hate Holy power at all, with any spec. My biggest complaint with holy power is that I want it to empower my abilities, not make me able to use them. What do I mean?

  1. Templar’s Verdict: I want this to have a CD and be usable without Holy power, but say depending on how much Holy Power you have active when using this ability it can change the game play some how. Maybe it hits more targets based on how much HP you have.

  2. Divine Storm: depending on how much HP you have, the Damage is increased when using this ability, but does not cost Holy Power to use this ability.

  3. Freedom: Maybe the Holy Power you have active will extend the duration of freedom by 2 seconds per holy power?

  4. Blessing of Sanc (pvp): Perhaps the immunity could be extended for 1 second per Holy Power when used?

  5. Bubble / Bless of Protection: Cooldown of these abilities could be reduced by how much HP you have upon using the ability. So say you bubble as RET and have 5 holy power, maybe it reduces your CD by 15 seconds per Holy Power. then your 5 Minute CD doesn’t seem soo horrible.

  6. Healing: This may only work for ret / prot, but based on your Holy Power available at the time of the casted heal, maybe it would boost the heal by 20% per holy power. or something fun like that. So if you had 5 holy power and you are ret, or holy, or prot and you needed an “OH ****” heal, you could use flash of light with 5 holy power and do 100% more healing for that one heal. To keep this from getting abused by holy, they could just make the mana cost increase as well per holy power spent on the heal. WoG would remain no mana cost, but be used with holy power only.

Now I’m not saying everything here would be the ultimate or is what I want, just how I envisioned a better system of HOly Power working for Ret / Holy / Prot. And in my version of Holy Power, since none of yuor damage abilities use HP as a spender, obviously if you used bubble with 5 Holy Power to reduce the CD, it would consume your Holy power.

I would simply make it to where Crusader strike, for one does DMG again, and for two, generates 2 holy power per use. Judgement gives 2 (long CD) and using DS / TV will always generate one, even though they use HP to modify their abilities.

In my opinion what something like this would do is increase skill cap in PvP and PvE. It would make you think about your abilities and plan ahead instead of just blindly pressing them when they are available. Maybe it would make game play tedious, maybe it would be more engaging, but we’ll never know…


Against it entirely, especially for Ret. I laughed so hard when I saw the crying and rage of Holy and Prot paladins when it was added back. It has been delightful seeing them thrown in the trash heap with Ret and everything they say about it being awkward, clumsy and unnecessary are all true and just the very start of how terrible it is. That is to say nothing of how it completely limits the scope of every single ability because it has to fit into generating or spending it and how so many things are made worse because of it. Nothing can NOT generate or spend it or else be pointless or mandatory and, if actually good, a clear sign that Holy Power is awful and should be gotten rid of. Hell look at how many talents there are even now that make it irrelevant and how good the spec plays with them compared to without and that’s JUST RET, an unloved and hated spec. Imagine how TANKING and HEALING will be with this nightmare. Some people have had to and they aren’t liking it. I hope that they complain as much and as loudly as possible so that Blizzard actually listens to someone because they haven’t listened to Ret the entire time they have been burdened with this awful system.

Remove Holy Power for EVERYONE. It’s awful. It’s bad. It’s clunky. It’s unfun. It adds nothing and it forces every single ability to be balanced around it AS WELL AS against each other and other classes and other specs of paladin. It’s universally terrible and everyone knows it. Why was it added back for other specs? I’m sure they didn’t want ti back and aren’t happy it is. Ret wants it gone forever too. Let us be free from it. They let Shamans have their own playstyle back without Maelstrom which was honestly a way better version of how Holy Power felt. Why is it okay for Shamans to have that but not Ret?

Scrap Holy Power for everyone. It can’t be allowed to stay for Ret. Remove it for the other specs, they don’t deserve this nightmare as well.


I’m interested. Legion/bfa rotation is very loosely or clunkily bound together imo. The interactions between spells doesn’t make much sense to me, they’ve just thrown on effects to make them work together like the judge reducing cd of sotr, sera costing sotr charges, as buffing sotr, cons is its own thing that if you ignored the flavour/fantasy you could give to any other spec. Holy power made it so your whole rotation had a purpose, everything was working towards the same goal and helped you get there. Have to see it in practice before I call it good or bad but I’m interested to see what they do with it.


I think it can work. The wording of the announcement is concerning for holy as it does not list holy shock as a holy power generator or mention beacon healing (I think that also was a way to generate hopo). If they used hopo as a way to try to force holy into melee all the time I wouldn’t be a fan.

The aura changes make me think they backed off of that some though. It would be odd for crusader/concentration to have a 10 yard range so I’m guessing they’re long range auras again?

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I’m fine with holy power, its a big improvement over consistent overlapping attack CDs, constantly pushing each other back on the GCD. Holy Power gives something to build towards, rather than just waiting for something to just come off CD.
It certainly can be improved though.

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Holy power should be entirely deleted from the game,We already went down the holy power for everything road and hand of glory was trash then too.
They need restore mobile consecration.


I personally dont like holy power. As a feral player, it honestly just seems like glowy combo points. I wish there was some focus on mana because we are not warriors.


I’m used to it on ret, although I’d be curious to see how the spec would work without it.

For Holy, I somewhat liked holy power in MoP. Together with Divine Purpose, you could get a string of instant heals, which was handy in PvP. Depends on how wider class design will be.