Holy Paladins need a "filler" damage spell

I like how holy paladins are right now but they need a filler dmg spell that is separate from crusader strike. Something you can spam to damage but not waste holy power. Some fights I feel like I’m just standing there idly until some damage comes out but I don’t want to waste holy power in case I need it for a good moment of damage (i.e Kel Thuzad in SoD)


Well, it’s fine to sit on 5 HPs if you don’t feel comfortable using them on shield bash, but even CS/Shock/Conc/Judgement can all be cast practically non stop.

I, personally, don’t think they need a filler. But it’s just me.


honestly if you’re taking awakening, just use LoD to use up HP. 15% change to proc wings means it’s generally worth it for the odd wings procs


I would love a spam able filler for 2 reasons. It feels lame to sit there looking at all my cds for a second or 2 which happens semi regularly but mostly I want something u can kill explosives with without having to waste something important.
Cant count how many times I have had to snipe one or 2 with crusader strike down and had to use judgement or worse hammer or wrath which then crits for 20k wasted damage.

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There kind of is a damage fill already. In between heals I’m constantly judgment + consecration + cs and hs if I don’t need the hs heal. I like this way more than exo spam from the past.


Exorcism as a “holy dps” dump? maybekek?


and this comment identifies why its stupid for dps players to say explosive is a healer/tank mechanic

Uh no, how about healers go back to doing their job and not being able to DPS at all.


No. Because better than than thier eviserate pr something bigger.

That sounds awful.

so dont use the eviscerate on it? use autos, backstab, shadowstrike, shuriken storm lol

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You can kill explosives with auto attack. Also Missing a few Crusader Strikes or Judgments on bosses/trash is not going to make or break your damage or key.

It’s a lot worse of a group wide dps loss if the dps have to pull off to hit them.

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I’m a healer and tank and explosive is 100% a healer / tank affix. Dps should never focus explosives. NEVER.

Explosives is EVERYONE’S problem, especially if a buttload of them spawn all at once.

I do prioritize them as a tank, however Explosives can not be cleaved down, meaning if there are more explosives than you have single target globals for, some of them are guaranteed to go off without help, despite being able to pop them off.


Not focus, no. But if one is right next to u, y cant u as a dps get it?

I’m not sayin healers and tanks shouldnt get most of the explosives. But to expect them to get 100% of them while dealing with mechanics and keeping everybody else alive because “muh dps” is a bit narrowminded. Wouldn’t you agree?


I get as many as I can and I expect the tank to get most of the ones I cant but occasionally DPS need to help too. The only hard and fast rule of M+ is that there are no hard and fast rules in m+ lol.


I’ve been wishing for Denounce back since Legion. I really, really wish they hadn’t pruned it then, and really, really wish they’d unpruned it in Shadowlands; it’d look downright amazing with the book-casting animation holy paladins have these days!

No OP is correct. We should really have another spell that isn’t spec specific - Paladin is boring as hell regardless of spec outside of your normal rotation. Especially as tank. Unless you like hearing “Gong!!!” that much because you’re going to hear it, nonstop.

They could start by restoring one of the 100 abilities they removed from Holy Paladins in Legion/after Legion.

I’d be okay with Holy Fire, personally - it already has a significant cooldown so it’s not like it’s a spam move. Judgement of the Light would be cool too but it’s a Racial so obviously they won’t do that.

Given that Paladins are more zealous lightwielders than Priests, doesn’t it make sense that we should get some actual Light magic? Uther had Holy Fire in 9.1.5 campaign. So…

You can’t really make an argument against it. Holy Priests have like 300 spells and 250 of them are totally unnecessary, how about letting us have some?

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Uh, Holy Fire is a Holy Priest ability. I’m pretty sure it was never pruned for Priests.

Are you thinking about something else, like Holy Wrath? That was a pruned Protection ability—it started off as a massive anti-undead cooldown in Vanilla, got retooled into a tanking AoE burst damage ability in Cataclysm, and got pruned at some point since then.

Hs Sheild in raid I use it only for dmg mit tho but If timing is right n not spamin dmg roto imo is actually smooth af