Holy Paladin 10.1 Tier

Ya theirs is actually insane.

The Prot pally tier set is outrageous. Someone at blizzard loves tanking with paladin.

I did not, but i have a feeling hpal is the worse tier set out of all the healers by a wide margin

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Oh then let me enlighten you lol

easily. but this is madness lol


Ok for Holy Paladin’s tier set and without considering what other healers are getting (I’ll get to that later)… Oh also my comments are PvE only.

First thing that comes to mind is that I think it’s a bit odd to have it designed around optional talents that are in not a great shape to begin with (power-level wise) and I while they are usually taken I do sometimes drop them if I need something else (for example the CDR on Aura Mastery).

That said I think the design can be interesting and I do look forward to having Light’s Hammer and Holy Prism feel good to press again (I don’t think they have felt good since MOP tbh) but I think it’s pretty bad that we need a tier-set for that instead of just making them good talents that feel good to press.

Something we shouldn’t overlook is the Holy-shock portion which seems pretty strong and helps with one of the issues I think Holy paladin has which is the balance between our builders and spenders (I think our builders are bit too weak in comparison), but again I wish we didn’t need a tier-set to try to solve this issue.

Now, if it ended here I’d still feel “ok” about it… Provides an “ok” little bonus to our healing and enables some spells that I wanted to take more relevance (even if I wish they didn’t need a tier-set to be relevant)…

The real problem comes when compared to what other healers are getting, those are waaay more than an “ok little bonus”. In particular Resto Druids and Preservation Evoker which are already the meta healers are now also getting the craziest bonuses like how is that fair?..

There are some other ones that are good, like MW one seems pretty strong (all though I wish they didn’t need a tier-set to help with their mana issues)… Holy Priest one is very strong in Raids but weak in M+ where they already struggle…

I think the Disc Priest one is quite bad too, a toss-up with Holy Paladins for the weakest one imo (well I’m not sure about the Resto Shaman one so leaving it out from my evaluation). But again how can the Devs justify giving Resto Druids and Preservation Evokers the best tier-sets by far??.

I love how this is just tacked on to an already insane 2/4 set bonus.

Here guys, here’s 15% increased healing with a 40% uptime.

Let’s fanfiction a new set bonus based on the druid tier for paladins.

  • (2) Set Bonus: Holy Shock, Flash of Light, and Holy Light healing increased by 15%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Divine Toll increases the healing of your Word of Glory and Light of Dawn spells by 40% for an additional 16 seconds after cast. Avenging Wrath causes your Holy Shock target to gain 15% increased healing for you for 6 seconds.

As it stands, we’re not even playing the same game as these others healers with the current bonuses, haha


Just saying t4 Should be a passif added to the spell and their set should be something else completly

I’d love to think we’ll get something better as the PTR goes on, but we all know they’ll just slightly tone down the better ones and we’ll stay as is with maybe some small adjustments.

The fact that our spec is weaker come 10.7 and we have broken talents still not fixed on the ptr goes to show where we stand.

I love this spec and I want to play it but they’re making it very hard to be excited about anything right now.

I do think it is odd that they are targeting holy prism and lights hammer despite them not being great for a long time. LH has seen way more use and isn’t bad by any means, but it heals for less than leech does. Holy prism is very very rarely used, I’ve only used it on sennarth/diurna/dathea and it’s not good.

I get their intention is to beef up some talents that people normally don’t take, but that is a risky endeavor because if you make LH and prism actually good via a tier set and then that tier goes away and those abilities go back to feeling useless you have a really bad situation there.

Anyway I don’t think it is a bad tier set if it gets some adjustments. People need to stop crying about “getting the worst tier”, give feedback now is the time, that is a waste of a post right now no offense. I’ll be making a thread to condense feedback towards improvements

  1. Buff holy prisms healing -way- more and reverse the way it gives holy power for starters. Using it on an enemy single target and having it heal 5 people should generate 3 holy power, that is the most exciting way to use it.

  2. Increase holy prisms range please. Why is it 15 yards? We aren’t evokers, make that 30 or 40 yards. 15 is ridiculous and should only be tacked onto Lod, and we have a way to circumvent that with lod. Increase the range.

  3. Lights hammer is currently bugged so I can’t test it properly. Holy prism is also bugged and not getting the 80% heal increase.

No I use it and like it. Wished it was stronger but still think making a tier set around it is a bad idea

I have tried holy prism, I have logs of it in the best possible scenario to use it. It’s pretty awful.

So is lights hammer though. Both of these spells do less healing than leech does, kind of insane.

I made a feedback post in the 10.1 ptr forums for the tier set. 80% is not a big buff, it’ll heal for about 30-35kish and you are forced to use it for single target to get 3 holy power, should be the other way around. It needs some improvement there. Lights hammer is better on stacked fights so holy prism -should- be better on spread fights right? It isn’t, because it’s limited by a 15 yard range. I think that’s ridiculous.

Anyway I organized my thoughts and put them in a post if anyone wants to add to it or whatever

My wishlist for this set. If we must play around these meme talents they better meme all the way to the end.

Light’s Hammer, crank up the healing amount but leave the damage the same, remove Holy power gain, increase the radius of the heal zone to 20 yards (just make it ashen hallow huge). The effective zone is considered “consecrated” dealing damage and healing depending on of if Golden Path is talented.

Flavor text “dodge this one, Tank!”

Light’s Prism. Increase primary target healing and damage by 3x. Secondary targets gain glimmer of light if friendly and judgment of light if hostile (if talented) Generates 3 hopo and causes your 2 hopo spenders and generators to crit.

Flavor text “wish dot com divine toll”

Personally I always combo it Virtue so I heal *4 (Hit ennemi heal 5 player + Virtue) with it I feel its not a total waste that way

I dont know in my case I would like if they kept 4piece as 2 piece but with the cooldown reduction. And the 4 piece would be instead a big Dot added. Like 100% of its healing/dmg over 10sec. Kinda similar to Spring blossom from druid

I don’t think it’s their intention to make anything good for holy paladin. I suspect they want us to be bad for an expansion to pay for some kind of sins or something. I just combined two or three bad talents and incorporated them into the tier bonus since I think this is their beta testing for next expansion hpal.

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yall are grossly underestimating how strong 3 on demand hopo is

I am adding my 10.1 tier set thread in here (if OP is not okay with this let me know I’ll remove it)


Add your feedback there, but please no “this tier sucks” “remove this tier” or anything. People should realize this tier could actually be very good, the healing just needs to be adjusted especially on holy prism, the generation needs to be reversed for holy prism, and the range increased. But add feedback there too so they can see it, more likely to see it there

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Just to be clear, I actually think this set is pretty busted, my suggestions are all entirely sarcasm although maybe they do not appear that way to everyone.

This is a pretty drastic acceleration to our holy power engine especially if we dont have to move much and can sit and stew in light’s hammer. On a personal level I don’t think this is actually very healthy for hpal design, it dramatically favors instants and buffs our melee gameplay massively while completely sidelining caster elements. And while I have no issue with playing hpal in this way, it begs the question of why our talent trees exist in this half and half state.

Just some ideas for alternative set bonuses.

2 PC
Infusion of Light increases your Intellect by 10% for 8 seconds.

4 PC
Infusion of Light reduces the cast time of your next Flash of Light or Holy Light by 1 second or causes your next Crusader Strike to gain the benefit of Avenging Crusader.

2 PC
Light of the Martyr retains the full benefit of your Mastery: Lightbringer regardless of distance from your target.

4 PC
Casting Light of the Martyr increases your Mastery by 5% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times, and your Mastery: Lightbringer also increases your damage based on proximity to your target.

2 PC
Your overhealing on your Beacon of Light target is instead split evenly between allies within your Aura.

4 PC
Your Beacon of Light target now receives 75% of your healing to other party or raid members and an additional 25% healing from your direct heals.

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