Holy Nova it's worth it?

This is probably a silly question, but since I am very ignorant of the priest, I ask it anyway.

Holy Nova it’s worth it?

I can’t help but see it as an iconic priest ability from the past that lack of a place and/or purpose in any spec to day.

There something I’m not seeing properly?

Holy Nova’s damage is too low and requires too many key presses. You have to hit it 4 times to do the same damage as a single key press of Mind Sear (well the old version).

They just seem hesitant to give it a massive buff or overhaul. Right now there’s no reason to use it in a dungeon setting because putting 3 SWPs on 3 targets will do double the damage of just hitting Holy Nova.


Holy nova is currently worthless. It does terrible healing per cast and worse damage. It’s been in this strange state for years. If it’s ever good at either aspect, people just spam it so it’s perpetually nerfed to be not worth using. Honestly when they talk about priest spell bloat, this should have honestly been their first target