Holy judgment talent clunky?

I’m new to holy paladin. Absolutely loving it, want to make it my main. Anyway, does anyone feel like the judgement talent to heal of melee attacks is clunky? It doesn’t feel like it fits well.

I only have one glimmer trait so I can’t go all in on that build, maybe that makes it feel less clunky?

What do you dislike about it? I think it’s a really nice fit for Holy Pally, and Judgement of Light + Grace of the Justicar combo is a huge portion of H Pally output in raids (for the non-Glimmer build).

If you don’t like the mix of DPS / healing, then Glimmer build will be even worse for you. With Crusader’s Might, whacking the enemy is even more important than it is for the Judgement / AC build.

I don’t mind mixing dps and healing, it just feels odd throwing judgment in between holy light and such. I feel like with glimmer it fits better because you are doing a lot more melee to heal

I’m not sure I understand why you’re okay with Crusader Strike (mandatory for Glimmer) but not Judgement (mandatory for JoL / AC). Is it just the spell or sound effects you don’t like?

(I always played Crusader’s Might in the old build too)

Because with my build now it’s using holy light, flash of light, holy shock, light of the dawn, and bestow as my heals. When I have downtime and I’m in melee range using my attacks ie Crusader strike, concecrate, judgement feels fine.

But, when im actually healing and not attacking throwing in a judgement feels clunky. I try to use judgement on cd to maximize its usage, so if I’m in the middle of a bunch of holy lights or something and throw in a judgement in between that’s where it feels off. If that makes sense.

I’m new to holy pal so maybe I should be using crusaders might than

I pretty much judge everytime its off cooldown, obviously if there is a lot of pressure and I’m spamming holy lights and holy shocks, I’m not going to try to weave a judgement in there…

Does that make sense? Just like crusader strike and consecrate, use em off cooldown unless there is a lot of healing pressure.

As you get higher ilvl, it’ll be easier to more comfortably keep your group healed with just judgements, dawn of lights and holy shocks and being more offensive. I had a real hard time as a fresh 120 cause I felt my heals were so weak and I had to just spam holy lights and holy shocks. It gets better.

You need to not run Bestow in dungeons like mythic plus.

Unfortunately, hpal is not very well designed right now. Are you looking to run the glimmer build or Avenging Crusader?

In general, you want to run crusaders might to get holy shock off CD faster.

We have the same io and I’ve been 120 like 5 days, bestow works great for me.
Edit:sorry if this reply sounds condescending or rude I don’t mean it to sound like that I’m just trying to say I don’t think crusade is required

Sorry I don’t know how to quote 2 people, but I want to run glimmer once I get the 3 traits, I’m having no luck getting chest, helms, or shoulders. In due time, for now until than I’m running the crit based heal one I don’t remember what it’s called. I have no issues with healing people I just don’t like judgement in my current builds rotation. I may do some testing with crusaders

Not taking it rude at all! I don’t care about IO lol I play for fun with my real life friends. But Bestow is not the talent to take in mythic keys. Not at all. PvP 100% bestow. Raids and dungeons you’re better off taking Crusader strike. It feels so much better getting HS CD lowered. But I’m running the glimmer build.

For M+, as previously mentioned, Judgment of Light is kinda bad / useless. It is more of a maintenance / padding heal in raids since you’re generally tank healing when not running Glimmer… In raids I’d say it’s mandatory to use Judgment on CD, in M+ i have no idea why you’d run it so use it when your group is not under heavy pressure I guess? :man_shrugging:

About Bestow, it can be really efficient if you’re playing BoVirtue and can’t melee often (quaking week or such things) or if you’re not comfortable with spamming CS. I run it solely for PvP as Holyprismz mentioned, otherwise Crusader’s Might all the way.

The word “clunky” is vastly overused but there was once a dev watercooler that pointed out that what most people mean by “clunky” is that the action and the consequence feel disconnected. When you Holy Shock or Flash Heal or whatever, you SEE the health bar go up: it’s instant feedback. When you press Judgement, nothing happens. You know healing is happening, but you don’t see it happening and it doesn’t feel rewarding. It’s the main reason people dislike Disc priest, too. So, no, you’re not alone in it feeling frustrating and unrewarding.

its the best talent fo raiding, but honestly i personally use holy prism, its not the bets but it does feel more versatile, good aoe heal and emergancy heal for tank or yourself. 20k rounded normally, crited is like 40k if you have wings and other buffs etc etc it heals up to like 60-80k. heck i saw a 100k emergancy heal with it once. of ocurse i was using that clunky essence you get from naz so