<Hold My Parse> [H] Illidan AOTC recruiting specific roles for 9.1

is a US-Illidan guild focused on finishing AOTC and bolstering our roster to pursue CE in 9.1. We are led by recent CE raiders, and have a laid back atmosphere with a mind for crushing content.

We are seeking like-minded individuals with an understanding of what it takes to push content efficiently and consistently. However, building our roster will take time. We ask for patience as we build a strong and confident roster heading into the next tier.

We are an inclusive guild of friends that also has the desire to focus and crush content, meaning the best 20 for each encounter are the classes/individuals we will be bringing. No favoritism will be found here!

Our raid days are Tuesday & Thursday & Friday from 7-10 (Server) 8-11 (EST) 5-8 (PST).

Qualities that will make for a good fit with HMP

  • Desire to personally improve
  • Patience, Progression can be taxing
  • An open-minded, team-oriented attitude
  • Mechanics over Meters
  • An understanding of your specific role to the team
  • Min-maxing your class, doing outside research
  • Punctuality and respect of others’ time

We also do require at LEAST the following addons:
Exorcus Raid Tools

RC Loot Council (We plan on using this as we delve into mythic)

Desired Classes/Roles:
Unholy DK (x2)
Resto Shaman x1
Protection Warrior (for 9.1)
Fire Mage (x2)
Affliction Lock(x1)
BM Hunter (x2-3)
Holy Paladin (x1)
Vengeance DH (x1)
Shadow Priest (with healing offspec x2)

All DPS Slots Are Currently Open To Exceptional Players!!

If having a fair and focused guild of talented players is something that sounds like a good home to you, please message— to discuss further. Logs will be necessary before trialing.


Officer: Btag – PeteyPopOff#1377 / Discord – WAR#8341

Officer: Btag – Darkvictor#1855 / Discord – Cheap#7351

NOTE: We are filling a 25-man roster, meaning that you will be applying to be a part of a fluid team.

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Everyone join