[H][OC][Thaurissan]<Esprit> is recruiting for Shadowlands - We have 6 raid teams!

Esprit is now currently recruiting for Shadowlands and Beyond!!
We are one of the biggest guild on the Oceanic realm!
We comprise of a Multi-National Community in a semi casual guild environment to push progression together!

How big are we ?
Currently we have 6 raid teams!! Six raid teams raiding various difficulty and with different timing!

Casual players are also more than welcome!
We are more than just a raiding guild and we enjoy hanging out and doing random things!

If you’re interested to join us, Do respond here or feel free to pm our GM directly at :

  • Pewpewpew#1884

For more information about individual raid teams and their raid times - please refer to the list below

G1 - 12/12M
Raid Lead: Barackobamma
2ic: Loraniden
3 Nights Wed/Thurs/Mon 8pm to 1130pm SG Time
Alternate Sundays at start of Tier.
Looking for: TBC
Bnet Contact: Pewpewpew#1884
Discord: Obama#0514

HQ - 12/12M
Raid Lead: Qiqi
2ic: Anngel
2-3 Nights Wed / Thurs 930pm to 1230am SG Time
Looking for: TBC
Bnet Contact: DqCalypso#1121
Discord Contact: Qiqi#8387

G-Two - 12/12H
Raid Lead: Elertricsoup
2ic: Slammer
2 Afternoons: Sat Sun 3pm to 6pm Server Time
Looking for: All Welcome
Bnet Contact: Slammer#1571
Discord Contact: Slammer#6133 / Qui3tF4ll3n4ng3l#4176

Xiao Group -9/12M
Raid Lead: Xiaosneaky / Xiaogabe
2ic: Xiaotoh
2-3 Nights Wed Thurs (Mon) 9pm to 12am SG Time
Looking for: TBC
Bnet Contact: Gab#11654
Discord Contact: Gabe#0716

G5 - New Team for Shadowlands
Raid Lead: Flameborne/Fatals
2ic: Shigan
2 Nights Thurs Mon 9pm to 12am SG Time
(tentative 3rd raid day for progression)
Looking for: All Roles
Bnet Contact: Ghost#1206 Shigan#11725
Discord Contact: Shigan#0695

G6 Aussie Raid Team
Raid Lead: Wuggee
2IC: Balshirra
2-3 Nights Wed Thurs 6-10pm Server Time
Looking for: All Roles
Bnet Contact: Tassleblade#6143
Discord Contact: darkwolfblade#2269

Group 6 is still looking for healers and any experienced/skilled DPS. Updated details below

G6 Aussie Raid Team
Raid Lead: Wuggy-Dreadmaul (Daniel)
Raid Assists: Balshirra, Wrecker, Stella, Tvtong
2 nights Wed & Sun 8:30pm-11:30pm Server Time (GMT+10)
Looking for: Healers (Pref Resto Sham), DPS
Bnet Contact: Wuggy#1923 (Wuggy), tassleblade#6143 (Balshirra)
Discord Contact: Wuggy#8054 (Wuggy), darkwolfblade#2269 (Balshirra)

We are still recruiting healers!

Hi there, I’m interested to join your guild as a casual player. I’m from Frostmourne Horde DH.

Which group are you interested in joining ? :slight_smile: Have you contacted any of the officers?

hello loraniden, i have tried adding pewpew, dqcalypso and ghost on bnet, yet to get an acceptance on friend request. Im a returning player who have skip most of BFA, would like to join to prepare for shadowlands

My friends and I are interested in joining Group 5, and I have sent friend requests to both Shigan and Ghost :slight_smile:

At any rate welcome to the Guild!! :slight_smile: Hope you guys been added if not drop us a note in-game or here!

Say Hmmmokay - have you gotten accepted yet ? let me know if you haven’t!

hi i and my friends are returning SG players (both dpsers) and would like to join a guild with GMT+8 raids and with singapore players inside. Are the guild still accepting?