[H]<Nova Horizon> 5/10M - DPS/HEALS! Wed/Thur 9-12EST

<Nova Horizon> is an established Horde guild on US-Area 52 made up of an active community of players looking for solid performers to progress Mythic level content on a two day raid schedule. We are long-time raiders looking for strong, reliable people to round out our roster on our adventure to achieve Cutting Edge while being on 2-Day raiding schedule.


  • 5/10M 10/10H SoD
  • 6/10M 10/10H CN

Core Raid Requirements:

  • HIGH Attendance - Two day raid schedule means we have to be consistent to Win.
  • Understand that performance means more than just WCL parses; it also means playing specs or builds necessary to get progression kills.
  • Our players are expected to put in time and use the available tools outside of raid to improve.
  • 15+ Mythic Plus Key (During Progression)

Current Recruitment Needs:

Balance/Feral Druid

Willing to flex healer a plus!

Raid Schedule:

  • Mythic: Wed/Thur (9-12 EST)
  • Heroic/Alt (Optional): Fri (9-12 EST)

Recruitment Contacts:

  • Logiibob (BNET: Logiibob#1659 - DISC: Logiibob#4819)
  • Soulreaper (DISC: Soulreaper#9545)

You can also apply via:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Looking for players to kill Pathsmith! We’ve had 13% wipe, need consistent players!

We’re reclearing to help gear players looking for a new home so that we can kill painsmith!

Submitted app last week, no response. 5/10m exp. The only negative for my character is the 244 ilvl at a time where most are 250. As you are now reclearing/gearing and are in need of the class I main(mage), I’m left somewhat puzzled.

Still looking for more!

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