Hmm... don't want to give up alchemy / herb for eng :(


You know whats better than engineering for PvP? Grouping up and working in conjunction with one another.



You trying to get your post count up, brah :slight_smile: ?

Not sure that a generic, PVP “common sense” generalization was called for her considering was just asking for some thoughts on a specific profession…

I can’t deny what you said isn’t valuable; just not sure as to why it was injected in this particular discussion.

Well maybe you are having a bad day :slight_smile:


Do it at 60.

I am also herb / alch, will drop herb for Eng.

I plan to make an alt, that alt will herb and mine

I plan to make a second alt, that one will blacksmith and skin.

Just like people have bank alts, people also have prof alts.


re-read what he is asking and why, then re-read what I wrote. If you don’t get it, i’m sorry you aren’t understanding.


I understand you 100% as you seem confused as to who the OP is. (Me)

The “helping people” part was referencing doing transmutes with alchemy. I will update my post for clarifications and slower persons like you.

Thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:


Ah, then in that case, then yes go with ALL the guides that state its mandatory. good luck!


Yeah thanks a lot. I think this is what I will do at some point at 60 also. We shall see i have a bank alt with almost all of the mats required already.

Appreciate your post :slight_smile:


The only skill you need is enchanting and thats if you want to tank as a druid. Smoking heart of the mountain is a BIS trinket I think at least for the first few phases. But for pvp engineering will help but you cant use them in forms so a lot of shifting to use nades.


I don’t remember the exact level, but I’m fairly confident you don’t need to be level 60 to be 300 in a prof either. Just to say that you don’t need to max level your prof alts like you do in retail.


Yeah, forgot about that good point. Druids might be one of the ones who could get by without it as much :slight_smile:


Level an alt with Herb/Mining and drop Herbs on your main for Engineering.



If huge numbers of people are going engineering that should mean that the services of the other professions (alchemy/blacksmith/enchant etc.) that are needed in the game will be more in demand.

Engineering can provide you some nifty pvp toys, but other professions may end up more lucrative($$$) based on basic supply and demand.

Just a thought.


It amazes sometimes how people (myself often included) can be so afraid to play a video game because they’re “doing it wrong”.

Just have fun.



So true. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you lose sight of that as you get glued to a meta or what you should be doing vs. what you could be doing; and doing it just fine :slight_smile:

And it’s funny as yesterday I return-ganked a higher level rogue who had engineering and interestingly enough it was my “alchemy” that won the encounter or at least helped :slight_smile: It’s a great video haha


It’s not a ‘must’ to anyone except ppl who copy min-maxing guides

(Qaletaqqa) #37

Trade bombs for pots, prosper. Or level an engineer.