Hmm... don't want to give up alchemy / herb for eng :(


Just curious on opinions. All the guides say that engineering is a must for PVP and I used to have it in classic for the trinkets and grenades…

Just at this point helping people doing transmutes and performing well in pvp without the grenade stun.

Just wanted some thoughts on it all as how mandatory it is.

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It’s only mandatory if you want others to make decisions for you. Plenty of people did just fine in pvp without engi.

No doubt it’s top tier for gadgets and bombs, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it as you winning won’t always come down to those gadgets or bombs.


If you want to be an alchemist, be an alchemist.


Engineering has bombs and arcane bomb is pretty badass, but alchemy does get alchemists stone at some point which will increase the healing/mana you gain from drinking healing/mana potions. That might seem lame, but if you throw a bomb and miss it is just wasted. Meanwhile it’s harder to mess up just straight up healing/mana yourself more.

Though that does take a trinket slot.

It’s unfortunate, but there aren’t a TON of special things for other professions, but there is Phytoblade for herbalism (which will quickly lose it’s value).

Some engineering only items share cooldowns with other categories of items. Like health stones I believe share a CD with minor/major recombobulator. So as a self use heal, a health stone would just be straight up better. The recombobulater would only have the advantage of added dispel flexibility on allies, but it ALSO requires a trinket slot AND has charges. I’m not 100% sure about what bombs share a CD with, but if you are curious you can check sites and look for ‘shared cooldowns’ to find out replacements.

Engineering is awesome, but 100% not required. Some people have just developed a limp without it. Highly recommend looking both professions up and deciding for yourself which sounds more enjoyable.


It’s a community-based game, yo. If you don’t want to be an engineer… make friends with an engineer.


Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:


i almost got ganked at 20% hp by a warlock. I popped bubble, gnomish death rayed and goblin sapper charged him then hit him with 1 judgment. Dead. It helps a lot in pvp, which is why people say to take it for things like death ray, mind control cap, rocket helmet, ect. Not required, but if you are fighting someone who has engineering then they have an advantage.


Its simple, just drop herb and keep alch and use gold to level engineer.

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Engineering bombs, trinkets, etc. can only be used by engineers.


Good clarification ; some folks just don’t really read before they post :slight_smile:

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Engineering is pretty vital in classic, you’re gimping yourself fairly hard without it.

I leveled skinning and tailoring for 1-60 but i’ll be dropping skinning to level up engi soon, it’s just too good.


Don’t forget about all the helpful pots…

LIP, LAP, FAP, restorative potion (removes 1 Magic, Curse, posion or disease on you every 5 sec for 30 seconds) and I’m sure there is more.


The Grenades are really good for pvp, so are a lot of the other gadgets… An Alchy can make Free Action Potions and Restorative Potion… Both good for pvp…

Restorative Potion will own Locks…

Of course you could always buy them though… Cant buy Grenades or the Gadgets…


Yeah… that’s the plan but might not do it just yet…


Thank you, someone who understands what “guides” really are—someone else telling you how you should play regardless of how you actually play and who’s credentials you don’t know


its highly valuable in pvp, not a must for pvp. Your potions will do you and others well too.


do you. k? b’bye


Just a heads up I’m like 100% positive those Alchemy stones were not in Vanilla.


I feel ur pain, my plan is always to giove up the gathering profession and level and alt to do it, that said u don’t need to have engi though it is badass


Thanks to all who have contributed :slight_smile: