[H]<Max Effort> 3/10H FRI/SAT 9:30PM EST

Maximum Effort is a gaming community founded years ago by experienced and commited players. Our primary focus is World of Warcraft, but interest in other games is what keeps everyone playing together in those “down times”. Many of us are veteran WoW players that took a break during BFA, while others are newer to our community and the game itself.

While we intend on taking our raids very seriously, our schedule is much more casual (2 nights a week) as we’re all adults and simply cannot commit to more hardcore schedules any more. If this matches your playstyle, please feel free to contact someone!

Stable & Established: Maintained the same GMs & Raid Leader since we formed, committed to the guilds longevity and progression.
Dedicated Team: Experienced and skilled raiding core. Competitive yet tight knit crew of proficient raiders who know fire is bad.

For questions not addressed in my post, feel free to contact me in game at aimeri#1316 or on Discord at: Aimeri#3107

Raiding schedule: Late Night, Weekends.
Friday & Sat - 9:30PM EST to 12:30AM EST

Current Progression:
► Castle Nathria: 3/10H 10/10N

Mythic Raid progression will ultimately and inevitably be our focus. However, Maximum Effort is more than just a World of Warcraft raiding guild. We’re a community of friends who actually like and respect each other. Most of our members spend a lot of time together outside of raids. These things include M+'s, Leveling Alts, WQ’s, Arenas, Battlegrounds, etc. They also include playing other games together. A lot of us have played games such as ARK, Rust, Black Desert Online, and many other games together.

Considering the following classes only at this time for our raid team:
Tank Positions:
► Raid Tank positions full.

Heal positions:
► Holy Paladin, Holy/Disc Priest, Mistweaver Monk

DPS positions:
► Ranged DPS positions open at this time.

Basic requirements:
► Ages 21+. Most members are 25-40.
► Able to take constructive criticism.
► Previous raiding experience is a must.
► Ability to use Discord, listen and speak.
► Adults: Not easily offended (contains swearing, adult jokes and taboo conversations) but know where the line is.

If you want to be a part of a stable and motivated community of adult players who encourage themselves and each other in end game content, contact someone on BattleTag or Discord.

How To Contact

Discord: Aimeri#3107
Battle Tag: Aimeri#1316

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Recruitment now open :slight_smile:

Free Cake Available

Still looking for a healer or two and some DPS. Preferred RDPS!

In need of Ranged DPS, thats right, no hunters, mages, or locks on roster as of this moment!

Free Cake and Drinks!

So want to trade real life cake for lock cookies!

Looking for Heals & RDPS!

Cake is a lie!!

Ok so no more free cake but now we have free beer :beer:

WTB Ranged DPS. Need more Pew Pew in the group!

Updated 1-16-2021

Still looking for RDPS and Priest/Pally Heals.

Came for the raiding, stayed for the Dan.

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Still searching for healers and great dps!

This is a great group of people. Raiding with them has been a lot of fun and I see myself staying here for a very long time. If you’re looking for a home like what is stated above, this really could be a place for you.

Where’s all the healers at? :open_mouth: