[H][Mal'Ganis] <Awakening> 16yr old Guild 9/10 M 10/10 H SoD T/W/Th

need dps who want to get 6/10 M this week

Our current recruitment needs have been updated. We are currently looking for DPS (melee send ranged) as well as any exceptional players.

We are breaking out after transfer/faction change and in a sprint to the finish to get CE this tier! Looking for quality raiders for CN CE and beyond!

DPS come here

About to start second night of Artificer Xy’mox and would like to have a few more great dps that likes progressing and CE! Council is next up!

Artificer down to the final seed set. Will die soon!

Three pulls with artificer seconds away from dying falls on Tuesday for sure!

Will be starting progression on Council of Blood this coming week! Still looking for some great dps to add to our team!

Need dps for Mythic Council prog

Where are the dps at?

Need big pumpers for council

Updated current needs to include:

Healer (any class though DPriest is preferred)
MDPS (melee)
RDPS (ranged)

Big pumper dps, of any class, is desired!

Pref Unholy dk for Council prog

6/10 now and starting progression on Council. What are you waiting on???

Need pumpers for council

First night of Council and still looking for healers and pumpers. Don’t wait too late before we move on to the next progression boss!

Council almost 2/3rd’s of the way down! Still looking for DPS/Healers!

Apply if you are a dps who needs a raid team

Happy Easter

Going for the Cob kill this week and then on to the big man may dude! Come join us!

Need dps/healers :slight_smile: