[H][Mal'Ganis] <Awakening> 16yr old Guild 9/10 M 10/10 H SoD T/W/Th

Awakening was founded 16 years ago a few months into wows release. Until recently we played on Dragonblight Alliance under the guild names Tabula rasa/Awakening. We xfered from Alliance to Horde for better recruitment opportunities since Alliance is dead :frowning: R.I.P.

The guild achieved multiple CE’s while on Alliance and our goal is to continue achieving CE every tier. We are looking for raiders to fill core spots in our guild. We are currently 9/10 M 10/10 H Sanctum of Domination.

First and foremost, we want dedicated people looking for a long term guild home. This is an easy going environment where we want to have fun while killing bosses and progressing through mythic. We are interested in committed people with good attitudes in order to continue making this an enjoyable and productive atmosphere. We expect you to have a good knowledge of your class and of the raid bosses before we go into an encounter, show up on time, and be consistent. Survivability and mechanics are paramount, DPS is secondary. While raiding is our primary focus, we welcome social members looking to become part of a like minded community.

Raid schedule: Tuesday through Thursday 8P-11:00P CST (Server Time)

Our Current Recruitment Interests are
Tank (BM M/V DH/GD/B DK)
Any Ranged dps
Unholy DK, WW Monk, Rogue, Ret paladin
Holy Paladin, Resto Druid and Disc/Holy Priest

While we do prefer certain classes and specs exceptional players for ANY role/spec are ALWAYS under consideration for recruitment.

If you feel we may be a good fit, add me and let’s chat!

Btag: Kaigis#1628
Discord: Kaigis#6050

Recruitment Officer:
Btag: SpoiledRoten#1538
Discord: SpoiledRotten#5734


Still looking!

3/10 now with Hungering down and still looking for the dps and heals!

sub 5% on sunking almost 4/10

Going after Sun King and 4/10 tonight! Two progression bosses this week!

soon to CE :stuck_out_tongue:

Needing more raiders for a new reset! Come have some fun with us!

4/10 M now

We are rolling…

Inerva at 10%! almost 5/10M

Going after our 5th boss next week! Looking for range dps/healers!

looking for any good player dps/healer/tank :slight_smile:

Farm down this week going to kill Inerva tonight

Looking to add great and dedicated Raiders to our roster for our first Lady kill and progressing on our next boss! Inquire within!

5/10 now with first Lady kill tonight. Working on Mythic Artificer Xy’mox and we are still looking for good solid raiders for the rest of Castle Nathria and beyond!

Doing heroic tonight then starting artificer prog

Good heroic night. Artificer dies next week for sure :smiley: soon to be 6/10 M

Still looking for ANY and ALL Healers, dps (ranged and melee), and tanks

Great group of raiders needing other great raiders to do even greater things! Inquire within!

Melee dps hit us up don’t be shy, we will take you here :stuck_out_tongue: