Hit Combo - this is the time to remove it

i would much prefer if they rebalance hit combo to be more in line with the other options on the row and leave it there so i dont have to pick it and care about my mastery

I hate hit combo with a passion. The fact you need to monitor “misses” so you don’t hit tiger punch 2x in a row because you missed a blackout kick is awful. It’s a lazy talent too with no sizzle and it mirrors our mastery. It ranks up there with having to take good karma to perform good dps by standing in fire.

I would rather see a talent that focuses fists of fury in to a single target attack removing the cleave. Or another one that turns rising sun kick to always hit 2x like our trait or legion equipment. At least with rsk, it could be shared with mistweaver too. Maybe make rsk baseline too for brm.


Yea I’d like to see HC changed so that every hit gives you 1 stack, every repeat ability takes away 2 stacks. Much less punishing :slight_smile:

I like hit combo as a talent because it reinforces the mastery, which I like, and because it’s a good, passive option when I’m not looking for more buttons to press.

As I see people talk about how “awful” and “punishing” it is, has anyone actually tested the cost of the 8ish seconds of lower DPS? My guess is that you’d be surprised at how little it matters over the course of a dungeon or raid boss.


The buff management is nice to have but more often than not I find myself thinking “I can’t break my hit combo stacks” instead of “I can’t break mastery”.

They play exactly the same, they effect all the same abilities, and that’s really my only complaint about hit combo. It gets to the point in an expansion where it’s just free damage that outscales the rest of the row but once you pick it theres no additional gameplay behind it.

It’s almost like Aftershock / Totemic for elemental.

Those see use and get swapped between fairly often. Except where totems is giving you flame shock, haste, resources, etc and you have Aftershock that is refunding your Earthshock or Earthquake.

With how similar they are in concept I feel like we lose a bit in gameplay without that separation.

I really like DoC and Tectonic Thunder type mechanics where you can get a free use out of an ability without the cast time or resource cost during a pull and I think it’ll be really good addition.

I kinda went off topic. Been thinking about a lot.

Am I crazy :thinking:

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I made an alpha post with some thoughts. Gonna try to link it back but I’m not sure if it’ll let me. While I doubt they’re going to nuke Hit Combo, I’d like to hear everyone’s stance on it (or the row).

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I think it should be removed as a talent. Kind of bored of it and hate having to watch for misses.

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Yeah. This talent sucks. Bake it into our mastery as a way to track our combo and be done with it.

In a perfect world I’d like to see HC removed entirely and just have that damage moved in to RSK or FoF to make up for it, then add a new talent to the row focused on single target damage. New talent for ST, RJW for sustain aoe (Wouldn’t mind if they moved it back to a toggle for lower energy regen like it was before) and the SCK talent for burst aoe.


Bake HC into our mastery so that we can track our combos. I don’t mind having it that way however it outclasses everything in every way on that talent tier.

You can already see in this thread that some people dont like tracking repeat repeat abilities so I think it should stay optional through talents. But, it’s also the only thing currently stopping you from repeating abilities: in practice you can only really drop your mastery on tiger palm, blackout kick, and spinning crane kick and with live damage values, the mastery damage gain on these abilities isnt very high and there’s times where I take xuen because i cant be bothered tracking repeats.
It would be nice to have something baseline that takes more advantage of the mastery gameplay like a Legion Transfer the Power buff to FoF on combo strikes.
Talbyy suggested a cool rework to HC in feedback so, to carry on with that, I’d propose hit combo switch places with Spiritual Focus on the talent rows and be changed to: non repeats give you 0.5% damage for 4.5 seconds, stacking 12 times. Reaching 12 stacks buffs your next ability:
Tiger Palm: applies a dot for 10 seconds which deals damage every second and generates 10 energy
Blackout Kick: your next blackout kick strikes 3 additional times
Rising Sun Kick: your next RSK causes your abilities do deal an additional (low percentage) attack power for 15 seconds
Fists of Fury: Deals an additional (secondary FoF damage) nature damage to all targets over the duration
Spinning Crane Kick: SCK channels for 200% longer

They could reuse names for these effects: Eye of the Tiger; Teachings of the Monastery; Sunrise Technique; Crosswinds; Dance of Chiji (taken now so something else)
I’d expect each effect to be a gain of about 3 Blackout Kicks worth of damage every 20 or so seconds but the talent would be tuned around dropping the stacking damage amp when you consume the buff. The goal being to provide moment to moment decision making to maximise it e.g. quickly reducing RSK cooldown with blackout kick or filling your energy when low, while having each effect be about equal gain

I wouldn’t mind it just getting baselined and a different talent to rival the other 2.

You could do it like 1 choice is good for ST, one would be good for aoe, and the other would be worse for one but better for both.

I have been thinking that Hit Combo should become the baseline mastery lately and it’s nice to see others share the sentiment. Hit Combo is one of the main reasons that I love playing my Monk.

I like the idea of having that talent row modify our standard rotation. Dance of Ji-Chi and Rushing Jade Wind do offer that albeit both serving the same purpose of increasing AOE. I’m not a huge fan of making that whole row being the AOE talent row. If anything we should also make Rushing Jade Wind more appealing.

I would be ok with moving Combo Breaker to the talent row if Hit Combo became the baseline mastery. Combo Breaker could be tweaked to offer more of a single target proc to be the counterpart to Dance of Chi-Ji. Combo Breaker could play off of consuming stacks of Hit Combo for extra damage or something of that sort.

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No one is asking for it to become the mastery, just to bake it in or remove completely and compensate

Multiple people have said to bake it into the mastery which is where I agree. I don’t want to see it removed completely because it is a fun aspect of the game that forces you to think about your rotation.


Sorry it’s how you have it worded, made it seem to me like you mean literally change mastery to that.

I think bake it in and add a ST skill that channels fof or make rsk always hit twice.

There is nothing sexy or cool about hit combo.


hit combo is atrocious, I genuinely cannot remember the last time I broke it in a PvE fight, such a terrible design that should’ve been removed way long ago. I don’t want even more damage for doing the simple rotation.
also remove WDP

I would like to see Hit Combo replaced with the Emperor’s Capacitor so I can press CJL again. I miss that legendary.


On my monk I use Xuen on single target to swich it up; raid bots says it’s a 250ish dps loss for me. At 60,000-70,000 dps, that’s not a loss I’m going to lose sleep over and will just use what I find fun. Glad Xuen is becoming baseline and would love hit combo to be, too.

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