Hiring Horde 120 Paladins 5000g for mog run on Tuesday 2-26-19

I’ve ran Mythic Trials of Valor 5 times with bonus rolls and at least 3 Paladin friends with just 1 single piece of plate dropping for this mog set, ever. 2 weeks ago I had 8 Paladins in the raid and not a single thing dropped. So at this point I’m willing to pay gold to get this over with.

I’ll pay 5,000 gold to each 120 Paladin(ilevel 320+) that joins me in a Mythic Trials of Valor raid on Tuesday(2-26) and 10,000 gold to each piece of plate that they trade me. I’m prepared to pay up to 15 Paladins. Add your names here if you’re interested and I’ll whisper you come Tuesday. I have 2 possible times I’ll be running depending on the interest.

They are either:

12PM US Eastern or 7PM US Eastern.

Throw your battle net ID down with the time you’d like.