Negative EyeQ is a CE guild that was formed with a group of friends that have multiple CE’s with the goal to provide a structured semi-hardcore raid environment while
having fun.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 to 11:00 EST (7 to 10:00 server) and are based all over the US and Canada.

What we’re looking for

Like-minded high performing players who bring a positive attitude and knowledge for their class. We make the most out of our 6 hours each week so we expect you to come ready to play. We maintain a positive environment while encouraging constructive feedback between members.

Specifically, we’re looking for highly skilled players with good attitudes that will help build our core roster.

Apply on the Application: https://forms.gle/ZG3rSjLCcvi2qsfa9

Add one of the below individuals (discord preferred) for any questions related to the guild/recruitment.

GM: xCH4SE#1110

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Looking for experienced DPS players!

Still looking for DPS

Looking for more ranged dps!

Looking for some more dps on tuesday!

Keep those apps a coming! Getting ready for Tuesday

More dps needed!

LF those buffs. Need a mage, warr, or any good dps.

Looking for few dps

LF some more dps to round off the roster.

The druids have this bump, trying to start mythic next week need a few more!

Patch date!!!

Still looking for a few more ppl

looking for a healer as well

Still need 1-2 two more already did aotc going to kill some mythic bosses this week

9.2 Announced! If you are returning or need a new CE focused home come join us!.

Got some mythic kills in this week need a heals and dps!

Looking for dps!

Dps where ya at?

still looking