[H][ILLIDAN]<WANDERLUST> 10/11 H Flex heals dire need

Wanderlust is actively recruiting for 9.1 on Illidan! We are a guild formed at the start of Legion and are composed of past Mythic raiders looking to create a team that could accommodate our new careers and families.

We are a tight knight group that is interested in pushing for CE, we made the decision to go Horde at the end of BFA to help achieve this. While we believe in having fun while raiding, we take bosses seriously and are driven to succeed.

Required Schedule:

  • Wednesday / Thursday — 6:15pm - 10:00pm CST
  • Progression: 7 1/2 hours a week
  • Raid Comms: Discord

Optional Schedule:

  • Alt Run - Sundays 5:15pm-7:15pm CST
  • RBG group - Saturdays 2pm CST
  • Assortment of keys run during the week


  • Two-week trial period.
  • Ability to take criticism and suggestions.
  • The drive to get CE (research/chores/etc)
  • Willingness to be part of the team, accept others mistakes, and sit when necessary to prog.
  • 3-4 options in your weekly vault (spread through keys/raid/pvp.)
    *Addon requirements - RCLootCouncil, Big Wigs/DBM, Method Raid Tools

Shadowlands Progression:

*SoFO 10/11N - 10/11H

  • SoD 5/10M
  • CN 5/10M

Prior Progression

  • Nya’lotha - 6/12M
  • EP - 4/8M
  • BoD - 5/9M
  • Uldir - 2/8M
  • Antorus - 11/11H
  • ToS - 1/9M
  • Nighthold - 3/10M
  • ToV - 3/3H
  • EN - 2/7M

Class Needs:

Resto Druid - low - flex heals
Holy Pal - low - flex heals
Resto Sham - Crazy High- flex heals
Disc Priest - high - flex heals

Ranged - High Priority:

  • Balance Druid - Very High Priority
  • Shadow Priest - Very High Priority
    *Elemental Shaman - Low Priority
    *Other Ranged DPS - Open to all classes

Melee - Low priority:

  • Warrior (DPS w/tank off spec) - Low Priority
  • WW Monk (DPS w/tank off spec) - Low Priority
  • Rogue - Low Priority
  • Death Knight (with tank off spec) - Low Priority
  • Havoc Demon Hunter (with tank off spec) - Low Priority
  • Ret Pally - Low Priority

Any and all Exceptional DPS

However, we always welcome additional applicants! If your desired class or spec is not on this list and you are still interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our officers, right now we are trying to recruit a few more tank specs to increase our Mythic+ group options every week.

Contact Information:

You can either fill out our application [here] https://guildsofwow.com/wanderlust or message one of the people below.

  • Recruitment Officer — brendan#12392 - Discord Meng#4581
  • GM & Raid Lead — Ves#11968
  • Officer — Eirolyth#1615

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