[H][Hyjal]<Casual Damage> 7/8N 1/8H LF Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Hpal, and MORE for DF! Raids 6-9pm PST Wed & Sat


Casual Damage is now recruiting to fill out our roster for Dragonflight! We are an AOTC guild first with the possibility of Mythic in the future if souls are brave enough to venture forth in the current raid tier. Currently looking for dedicated ranged DPS, Healers (any spec), but also any strong and skilled players will always be considered and should indeed request an invite.

Outside of raid, we would also love to have any players who are interested in Mythic+ as we all love to do keys daily - all roles will be welcome here, including casual players who may want to try more difficult content! We hope to see a very active presence here with the loot options being much better than previous xpacs.

Current Open Roles:


  • Shadow Priest
  • Most RDPS will be considered!


  • HPal
  • All Decent Healers will be considered.

*Active and talented players will be considered.

Our raid times are:
Wednesday AND Saturday: 6PM - 9PM server time (PST).

Alt-raid (Optional & Normal)
Fri and/or Sundays 6pm start times…

Outside of content droughts, we have people on throughout the day doing keys and other activities, and a handful of people who are always looking to do high keys and occasional events! Please feel to add and contact the GM Drag on Discord or feel free to log in on hyjal and any member can invite to guild! :slight_smile:

Contact for any raid and mplus inquiries…
Please add:

Free blowies for all

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Did someone say bump?

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Up ya go!!

Still LFM for raid roster! RDPS and Healers Wanted!

BUMP, bump, bump it up!

Hey I would love to talk to someone. I’ve geared both a preservation Evoker and a Resto Sham. Evoker i’ve been maining is at 372. Sham is around 364.

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talk to this man on disc Draggato#5421 there Ahdeysham…def have room for another heal on the team. and ranged dps if anyone else is reading this.

I sent a request after I posted and still says it’s pending.

says ur sham is on another server still, and i dont see any applicants for anyone else here on hyjal…weird.

Just sent friend requests in game and on Discord. Darkhelmoot#1283 in game. Looking to join for myself and my son. We are looking for people to group with for M+ and would be interested in raiding as well.

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I meant a Bnet friend request. Was wanting to chat and make sure it was a good fit before I transferred servers.

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Hi 381Demo lock here I would love to chat with someone about joining. I have plenty experience raiding in the past and now coming back for this expansion. Looking to progress as far as I can if there is a spot.

Thank you very much

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