[H][Hyjal] The Forbidden Rising(AotC Focused) LFM! (12/12H and 4/12M)

No problem at all!

waves at Padim

LF resto sham, priest healer and mages!!!

Heals and pews!

LF caster dps and a couple of healers!

Pew pew ca choo!

LFM casters !

LF a boomy buddy!

LFM casters!!

Need more pew pew pew!

LFM caster dps and heals!~

Hey! I am not a ranged dps but I like your raid times. Is there a chance we could chat? My BT is Blood#1210.

Sent an add request :slight_smile: sorry about the late reply, looking forward to chatting with you!

Need more pew pews!

LFM raiders!

Need more pew pews!

LFM dps’ers!

New more pew pews!

LFM deeps for our raid group!

More pew pews!