[H]<Hellscream Raiders> TBC

Hellscream Raiders is a casual raiding guild that has been around since 2004 — US-Azgalor. We are currently no longer recruiting members to progress through NAXX, but still open new members for The Burning Crusade. Our focus is to build and maintain a healthy supportive community that lasts.

Raid Schedule
To Be Determined

How to join?
We offer two ways to join.

Website Application
Apply through our website and we’ll reach out to you! Click on the apply button and fill out the form!

Direct contact
You reach out to us! Message a member of guild leadership team.
Buffdanglin#1999 (Bnet or Discord)
Evexis (ingame)
Dekomori (ingame)

Hellscream raiders is still very much recruiting healers and really anyone who is looking for a casual friendly environment on Faerlina. We’re getting back into Nax progression and are currently 6/15. We raid Friday & Sundays at 8:30 Server. Our GM is a clicker and we’re a casual dad guild, if you wanna see if we’re a good fit for you please feel free to apply via the website