HH instance limit

I appreciate your effort. It’s definitely bugged.

It’s something with RDF, if it were too many instances then trying to queue would return some kind of error, and HH isn’t doing that. I’m clicking Find Group and it’s just not doing anything at all


This ^ No sort of error messaging, the Find Group button just does nothing.


The same thing is also happening with trying to queue for specific dungeons

My process: I was able to do HH 3 times before reset, went and did the quests in Goldshire on my Druid, did another HH, then queued for Forge of Souls for my dailies. Swapped to my Warrior and now cannot queue for HH or Forge of Souls, but I can queue for a random gamma

Thought it might be something funky with ElvUI, but I disabled it and the same thing is happening with the base UI

Ok on second look, it seems like it might be the hourly instance limit, and they just forgot to program that in to RDF. I past the hour for my first HH run and am able to queue just fine now

So the actual fix here seems to be to not let people queue for random dungeons after their limit…

Ran into the same problem and i have a temporary fix but you’ll need a friend (social interaction :slight_smile: )
Let you friend invite you. He will be able to queue. Then he can leave the group and you will be still queued. Rinse and repeat with all your alts.

Earlier today, we doubled the hourly instance limit for the Headless Horseman event. You should now only hit this limit if you attempt more than 10 instances in an hour.


For a queueable event like this, the cap should just be removed, can get in and out of 10 of these on 10 different characters in 20 minutes or less. Leaving any remaining characters locked out from doing it for an hour.

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The Headless Horseman’s Mount has still bugged jumping animation :eyes:

Shhhh, leave it, it’s silly and fun

It is lol.

The first day I got mine I just ran and jumped for like 30 minutes.

Considering the section this post is in (Wrath Classic), is this a Classic-only change or is it also applied to retail? If not, both should be getting this change.

It should be 10 on retail, they increased the instance cap from 5 to 10 per hour back in MoP 5.4.7. https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Instance_limitations

When’s the sinister squashling achievement getting fixed?

Ah I misunderstood, I thought Classic had the new limit for a long time already. Still pretty easy to hit it in both scenarios with a stable of alts unfortunately.

you can get to 3 attempts in an hour? i only get 3 attmepts if i do some really bad healing since most of my characters are dps that can do HH (or tank but the que time is fast being a healer not tank)

Its five, but any other instance outside of random queues affects the lockout. Now its 10.

Was the mount drop rate nerfed?

I don’t think so. I’ve got 4 on different characters.

Why won’t it drop for me!! Lol :joy:

On my Dk lol. Then did one on the pally and got another mount.

Had not seen any mounts up to this point, and thats the 2nd helm. Rng is rng.