[H]<Grand Theft Dragon>9/9H - Recruiting for S4 - All Positions

Bump it up!!


sending discord add :slight_smile:

what are your raid team needs?

Were currently fairly flexible with our team as heroic progression occasionally changes our needs alongside people having real life conflicts

Made it to 9/9 and locked down AOTC!!! WAHOOOO!

Bumpalicious :smiley:

Looking forward to Raiding in 10.2 With the guild and still open to recruitment feel free to reach out and Ill see you at Blizzcon!!

Mesh here! We are openly recruiting for 10.2 Plus we do have guildies going to Blizzcon this year and have a meetup planned for that, so hopefully Ill see you there or ingame :smiley:


Successfully cleared Normal Amirdrassil moving on to heroic soon!

Happy monday everyone!

May your vaults be full of all the loot you need!

See you all in game!!

Made to 6 out of 9 and pushing onto Fyrrak tonight!! WOO HOO

Up to 8/9 and onto Heroic Fyrakk!! WOO HOO!! See you with us for AOTC this week :smiley:

We have AOTC WOO HOO!!!

Add Damonishcer#1110 or GoForHunter#1712